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Second International Conference on Invincible Defense: Establishing a Prevention Wing in the Military of Every Nation to Raise Military Power to Invincibility and Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

Page 9: Maharishi's Prevention Wing of Yogic Flyers to be Re-Established in the Military Forces of Mozambique Creating the Maharishi Effect

Lieutenant General Tobias DAI

Lieutenant General Tobias Dai

Former Commander of the Army of Mozambique and Chief of the Delegation for the Creation of the New Armed Forces for the Defense of Mozambique.

Lt. Gen. Tobias Dai gave the following report to the delegates of the Second International conference on Invincible Defense, based on his personal experience implementing Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying Programme in the defense forces of Mozambique.

This document is a translation of General Dai's address, which was presented in Portuguese.

Prevention Wing on the Way Again in Mozambique

"I want to inform you that the Ministry of Defence of Mozambique has now a new leadership, and that the formation of the new Armed Forces has achieved its goal. Within the next few days we expect to begin again the Prevention Wing training in the Armed Forces of Mozambique, and to enjoy again the benefits of the Maharishi Effect that it brings."

The Maharishi Effect

"The Maharishi Effect is a phenomenon which is characterized by the increase of coherence in the collective consciousness of any community. The Maharishi Effect was discovered by social scientists in the United States in 1974, in four towns, where the number of persons practising the Transcendental Meditation Programme had reached one percent of the population. Scientists discovered that crime rate was decreasing in these towns, showing an improvement in order and harmony in society.

"This phenomenon was named the Maharishi Effect by scientists, honouring Maharishi who had predicted it in 1957. Since then, more than 40 scientific studies have been conducted which confirm the Maharishi Effect, not only with regard to crime rates, but also with regard to quality and trends of life as a whole.

"These studies show an improvement in the economy, unemployment, inflation, an improvement in collective health, decrease in road accidents, increase in progress towards peace, and an increase in the balance in Nature, especially when large groups of people practice together in one place, the advanced TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying.

Coherence in Brain Functioning During Yogic Flying Neutralizes Collective Stress

"The coherence generated in brain functioning of individuals practising Yogic Flying together spreads in the environment and creates coherence and harmony in society as a whole, thereby reducing collective stress and allowing Natural Law to function in the country without the restriction caused by stress. This results in greater balance in Nature.

"Scientific principles supporting the Maharishi Effect are found at the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law in the property of infinite correlation. The Maharishi Effect generates a more ordered and integrated state of national collective consciousness.

"The effect generated in society by a group of people practising Yogic Flying together every day is like the effect of a drop of cold water on boiling milk—the milk stops boiling immediately (the activity of the milk molecules is reduced). In the same way, the practice of Yogic Flying has a ‘cooling' influence in society and social disorder is reduced."

Map of Mozambique coherence


Waves of coherence—the Maharishi Effect—radiating throughout Mozambique generated by groups of military practitioners of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying. (click for larger image)

Scientific Research on the Maharishi Effect

"Scientific studies carried out on the Maharishi Effect have been published in international scientific journals including The Journal of Conflict Resolution, The Journal of Crime and Justice, The Journal of Mind and Behavior, and Social Indicators Research."

The Maharishi Effect in Mozambique, 1993*

*Data presented by the Ministry of Defense of Mozambique in an international conference on defense in Maharishi Vedic University, Holland, on 14 November 1994.

"In 1993, it was possible to corroborate the existence of the Maharishi Effect in Mozambique. Before work began, results were predicted based on effects previously noticed in other parts of the world.

"Most notable of these predictions in Mozambique were the achievement of peace, the coming of rains before expected (they were only expected in July 1993), an unprecedented improvement in the economy, a decrease in the crime rate, and a decrease in the number of road accidents. It was also predicted that if group practice was stopped, rains would stop, and the previous negative tendencies would resume.

"From February 1993, when more than 15,000 people in the country were taught Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying in a very short time and had begun their collective practice, the predicted results began to be noticed. On the other hand, due to the demobilization of troops in 1994, the large coherence-creating groups stopped practising, and throughout this year there was a decrease and a cessation, in many cases, in the predicted positive effects. Only 1,500 people were taught from March to August, and in a desperate effort, another 1,500 people were taught from the end of October to December, but did not practice Yogic Flying in groups."

Brief Note: It is worth cautioning that the Maharishi Effect is created when the number of people practicing together is reasonably large. If the number of people is not large enough, the results are partial or almost unperceivable. It is estimated that for Mozambique alone, a group of 3,000 Yogic Flyers in one place would fully stabilize the effects. However, some groups of 1,000 people also produced good results.

Influence of the Maharishi Effect on Car Accidents in 1993

"During the year of 1993, the number of cars in the country increased by approximately three times, and for the first time in 28 years it was possible to travel by road freely all around the country. This normally would have resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of accidents and traffic deaths. However, the number of accidents and deaths remained practically the same (5,280 accidents in 1992 compared to 5,384 in 1993; 1,130 deaths in 1992 compared to 1,107 in 1993).

"The predicted return to negative trends when the coherence-creating groups are reduced or dismantled has also been noted. In 1994, there were far fewer coherence-creating groups, because the last small groups in the Police Training Centres were dismantled in August 1994 with the coming of the elections. As a result, there was a huge increase in road accidents in the country in 1994."

Influence of the Maharishi Effect on Rainfall and Prosperity

"Rains were expected in July 1993; however they came six months in advance, in February, as soon as the coherence-creating groups of Yogic Flyers were created. On the other hand, it was predicted that drought would return if the coherence-creating groups were dismantled, and in fact, as soon as the big groups stopped practising (last week of January 1994), drought returned to Mozambique.

"For the year 1993, the economic growth predicted was six percent, but, in actuality, economic growth increased to 19%."

Influence of the Maharishi Effect on Crime Rate

"There was also a decrease of 20% in the crime rate during the first quarter of 1993 when the large coherence-creating groups in Maputo city were practising, and a 20% decrease in Quelimane. These reductions were totally anomalous in a post-war period. Again, and according to the prediction, when group practice was stopped, the crime rate rose again.

Influence of the Maharishi Effect on the Peace Process

"Despite difficulties, the peace process has remained relatively stable. It should be noted, however, that especially during the period when small groups stopped practising (two month before the elections) there were more difficulties. Stress in the collective consciousness of the nation has not yet been totally released from the atmosphere, and in order to fully eliminate it, new groups will be needed, so that coherence is created on a stable basis.


"At the level of the Unified Field, a delicate impulse at any point of space and time creates an immediate effect throughout the universe. These far reaching correlations explain how action at the level of the Unified Field can have a profound influence that spreads through out the universe. In this way, the phenomenon of coherence created by the groups of Yogic Flyers spreads in the environment and neutralizes stress in the individual and negative tendencies in society. It is in this way that modern science explains the Maharishi Effect.

"Considering all the above-mentioned effects together, one can clearly see that the results of the Maharishi Effect in the life of Mozambique as a whole indicate a greater support of Natural Law (sufficient rains in time, for example). It is also worth mentioning that the need is urgent to establish groups of Yogic Flyers as soon as possible, in order to stabilize the above-mentioned effects."

Historic Note: In the history of science, major discoveries are made which were only later acknowledged. For example, Maxwell's equations on the electromagnetic field were recognized 20-30 years after he had formulated them. Galileo Galilei had to recant his ideas before a court of the Roman Catholic Church, but 360 years years later, the Church finally publicly acknowledged its erroneous attitude toward Galileo.

"Sometimes major discoveries take time to be fully accepted and used. Nevertheless, these examples in human history should be a lesson so as to avoid committing new mistakes. Let us recall that history is made by those who, in life, think beyond their contemporaries. Thank you."

Lt. Gen. Tobias Dai
Maputo, 26 December 1994

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