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Second International Conference on Invincible Defense: Establishing a Prevention Wing in the Military of Every Nation to Raise Military Power to Invincibility and Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

Page 2: Maharishi's Inaugural Address

It is possible for us now, in this generation, to lay out that procedure in the administration of every government which will never allow any weakness to prevail in the government, and will always hold the dignity of the government beyond challenge.

We came to this principle when we realized that any government, regardless of its system, is an innocent mirror of the nation. The decisions, policies, and programm of any government - and, for that matter, the successes and failures of the government - are governed by the collective consciousness of the nation.

Purifying Collection Consciousness

When we realized this, then it was evident that it is necessary to make the national consciousness free from weakness and impurities. We have to raise the national consciousnesses to a high level of purity, so that the government makes decisions from that level of purity, to nourish and take care of all the people in the country.

This thought inspired us to have a world-wide program for large numbers of individuals to practice Transcendental Meditation, which has been proven to produce a very healthy effect in body, mind, behaviour, and in the whole environment.

This is our undertaking – to purify individual consciousness, and improve the behaviour of the people so that the collective consciousness of the nation is rising in purity.

Basis of All Problems: Violation of Natural Law

We have found the basis of problems in violation of Natural Law by the whole population of a county. In every country today, education fails to provide that insight into life so that every thought, action and behaviour of the people is always according to Natural Law. Due to this lack in education, people everywhere are violating Laws of Nature.

Violation of Natural Law is the basic factor which does not allow national consciousness to remain integrated. The violence against Natural Law is a terrible negative influence that overtakes the whole collective consciousness, and it reflects in the quality of national administration.

That is the reason why, throughout the world, the story is the same: there are problems, and there are mistakes and the government is not able to be nourishing for the whole nation.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with Delegates

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with delegates from all continents attending the Second International Conference on Invincible Defense

Yogic Flying Enlivens Natural Law

Now we have found that groups of Yogic Flyers create a field effect, enlivening the evolutionary power of Natural Law from the transcendental basis of all creation.

In quantum field theories, all different disciplines of modern science have been found to have one common basis—the Unified Field of Natural Law—and now that common basis we have found on the experiential level in Transcendental Consciousness.

When the body lifts up in the air during Yogic Flying, that is a proof that the mind had begun to function that level of Transcendental Consciousness.

When the human mind accesses that, then the qualities of that, which is all-nourishing and all creativity, are enlivened, and the thinking mind gets soaked in the essential characteristics of that field, which are unity, invincibility, bliss, and all those very beautiful integrating values of Natural Law.

The Field Effect

The field effect is like the effect of sap for all aspects of a tree: leaves, branches, fruits, flowers—they get all nourishment from one level of the tree, the sap. Like that, this self-referral-state of consciousness—Transcendental Consciousness—is at the basis of all its expressions in the material world, and the field effect operates from that level.

No one can damage that level. Enlivening that level is completely within our grasp, and enlivening that, we can generate permanent invincibility to secure the sovereignty of every nation.

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