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Second International Conference on Invincible Defense: Establishing a Prevention Wing in the Military of Every Nation to Raise Military Power to Invincibility and Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

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A Prevention-Based Approach to Problems

The government should have the ability to prevent the birth of an enemy, in the same way that prevention is needed for health in the nation. If the health department of the government is not able to prevent problems of health, then there is something wrong in the thinking.

Every head of state says, "I'll open more hospitals."

Maharishi Effect: Creating Coherence and Harmony at the Collective Level of Nations
The sovereign flag of every nation, flying high, is inviting the support of the Cosmic Flag of the Government of Nature.

It's considered to be a kind act on the part of the head of state that he is spending so many billions to open more hospitals, train more doctors. This is not wise, when it is possible to cater for prevention, and disallow the growth of sickness.

The current approach to prevention in the field of defence is: add more military, add more weapons to military, see where the most advanced weapons are available, take the weapons, even if paid for by a loan, to at least safeguard the breath of the nation.

This logic is the logic of a very stressful consciousness, where fear overtakes so much.

Strategy of the Arms-Producing Nations

All the agents of arms-producing countries create an atmosphere of fear from every level of the defence ministry and from the media, in the responsible people in the government, so that they feel, "This fighter plane or this ammunition must be bought, otherwise we can't save the country."

This kind of manipulation from outside creates fear, and robs the Head of State, Prime Minister or Cabinet members of the country of their restfulness, and creates agitation in them out of fear until they have bought something.

Just to sell arms, these countries have to maintain fear in the whole world by creating some fighting tendency in the North or South or on the equator; they keep on creating fear.

The publicity says it's mostly a Muslim/Christian conflict or some other kind of religious conflict—they put the blame on religion, but they create wars. The word "defense" has been replaced by "offense" and the realization of defense is thought to be the promotion of "offense."

Invincible Defense—Based in Self-Sufficiency

Invincible Defense can only be structured from the level which is unreachable by any power in the relative. Only that defence which is beyond the reach of the enemy can be a reliable defense strategy.

In my Absolute Theory of Defense this point has been discussed in the following way: if out of 100 items required for national defense, even one or two have to be imported from outside, then that will be the point of defeat in time of war. If one element is not made within the nation, then on that one deficiency the whole nation could be broken at any time by the enemy.

There is no defense strategy in any country in the world which is not dependent on foreign powers, or the goodwill of foreign people.

Defence Beyond the Reach of an Enemy

Political negotiations are all a foreign-based mirage of defense. One is dependent on the friendship of the neighbor. And the military has to be alert that the friend maintains his friendship. The military has to have its own intelligence because a friend of this moment may be a non-friend the next moment.

Our immediate neighbor may be a good friend, but then a few hundred miles away, or on another continent, at any time, in a very unknown manner, an enemy may come up, and they can invade.

History has witnessed the Mongolians on horseback conquering a large part of the world. Who could have imagined? So it's not just a matter of taking care of the friendliness of the neighboring country. An enemy may be born to the nation from anywhere on earth at any time.

From all these uncertainties existing in the domain of defense, we are making an appeal to every government and responsible people in every country to have defense structured at a level which is completely beyond the reach of any enemy.

Prevention Wing to Benefit All Areas of Society

We are structuring ideal government and ideal defense on this basis: create a Prevention Wing in the military, and then the same government, which has so many problems today, will do all that is beneficial in the fields of education, health, administration, and rehabilitation.

The same government will do it, because the government is governed by the collective consciousness of the nation, and the Prevention Wing in the military will prevent the rise of negative trends and tendencies in the whole collective consciousness. This will be the real basis for security of any nation.

Philosophically we are all right, and practically, for application of the programme, it's very simple. It doesn't need anything except a “Yes” from the Military Chief or a “Yes” from the Defense Minister.

Fulfilling the Parental Role of Government

Having created the field effect in national consciousness from the group of Yogic Flyers, the government will only be able to do what it should do.

The parental role of the government will be so lively, nourishing, and evolutionary in the national consciousness that nothing wrong can happen from the side of the government.

Fulfilling the Goal of the Second International Conference on Invincible Defense

During the days of this Second International Conference on Invincible Defense, we will be thinking, designing, and questioning. If there are some points to be discussed, we will be discussing them thoroughly, so that we may come to a grand conclusion, and fulfill the goal of the Conference. It is very good that all these great leaders of different countries are here.

Maharishi Effect: Creating Coherence and Harmony at the Collective Level of Nations
The invincible defense of Nature's Government will provide permanent protection to every government.

Creating Heaven on Earth

Our target is to create Heaven on Earth. Life on earth should be absolutely full of affluence, dignity, and all that life basically is. Life, basically, is infinite. Gaining that knowledge of Natural Law, which is running the whole universe, is now just a matter of education.

There is a proverb in India: “If something is good do it quickly; if something seems to be not so good, postpone it.” Creating coherence and harmony in national consciousness through the practice of the groups of Yogic Flyers is the only sure way of securing and safeguarding the defence of the nation, and this should be done quickly, with military speed, by every responsible government and military in the world.

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