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Second International Conference on Invincible Defense: Establishing a Prevention Wing in the Military of Every Nation to Raise Military Power to Invincibility and Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

Appreciation of Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense by the Conference Participants



Second Vice President of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia; Official Representative of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia and its Chairman; Spokesman for the Cambodian Delegation.

"You rightly said yesterday that government is a reflection of the collective consciousness of the society, but at this time it seems that corruption is more in the leadership, not from the poor or the ordinary people."

Hope for Cambodia in Maharishi Vedic University

"I raise this point because there is hope for us in Cambodia, with, as you know, a Maharishi Vedic University in one of the poorest provinces of my country. I hope that all the students at this University, who are practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme, will persuade our leadership to see the necessity of this programme.

"This is [His Excellency Son Soubert shows photographs of Maharishi Vedic University in Cambodia] His Excellency Mr. Ung Huot, presently the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Formerly Minister of Education, and the new Minister of Education, His Excellency Mr. Tol Loah, during their recent visit to Maharishi Vedic University in Prey Vang Province in my country. They were accompanied on their visit by many foreign Ambassadors to Cambodia.

"I heard that the Ministers of Education and Foreign Affairs were quite impressed by their visit to the University, and the openness of the students was especially noticed. The Chief of Cabinet for His Majesty the King went along with the Ministers as well. He is now the Cambodian Ambassador to Japan."



Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of Bulgaria to the Kingdom of the Netherlands; Observer to the Conference

"Your Holiness, distinguished representatives and observers. It is for the first time that I participate in such kind of an international conference considering a very innovative aspect of the issue of security and defense, organized by Maharishi Vedic University."

Prevention of War

"I have been involved in many UN-type conferences. This is, however, a first occasion for me to observe such an interesting gathering of people who speak not only of how to reduce objectively the ways and means of waging a war, but also seek how to adjust the consciousness of those who may be fighting war, and perhaps prevent their potential enemies from reaching for arms and start fighting.

"I must recognize that this approach seems to me personally at least, an innovative one in the world-wide efforts to prevent war and strengthen the foundations of peace.

"I am attending this Conference as an observer and personal representative, whose first duty is, as is the case with all diplomats accredited to a foreign country, to follow closely the proceedings of the Conference, and inform my Government on its results, and what could possibly be found out at the conference as useful knowledge that may be brought back to my country in order to improve the life of my nation.

"I must recognize that I am much impressed by the depth of the contributions and by the genuine concern voiced at the conference for peace, human happiness, and prosperity as expressed by scientists from the University and representatives of various governments.

"I am personally much impressed by the comprehensive and really profound nature of the theory that all participants—official representatives and observers—have been exposed to during the last couple of days.

"I believe that the theoretical findings—both of the Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government and of the Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Invincible Defense—seem to easily demonstrate that all governments may now have at their disposal, an important additional intellectual means to influence society, and to utilize a science and philosophy of consciousness, which will hopefully improve the capability to govern their respective countries."

Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying: A Resource of Peace and Prosperity

"From my perspective of a person attending for the first time such an unusual conference, and with the results of the voluminous scientific research on Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme of Yogic Flying, I have been able to very strongly sense the need for the people of my country to get more involved in the world-wide process of learning, and possibly practising the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, as a resource of peace and prosperity of our nation.

"My intention is to report faithfully to my authorities on the important findings of the Second International Conference on Invincible Defense, and to recommend that a deep analysis, a thorough study, of these findings be undertaken by the competent experts in my country.

"Personally, I very much hope that such a study could allow the respective authorities in the country to introduce practically the valuable ideas of creating a Prevention Wing in the Military as a nucleus of peace-building in both the minds of people and in the real international life."

Calming Down in the Balkans

“I'm saying this not only as an expression of my feeling of the importance of the Conference, but also because, as you probably know, my country, Bulgaria, is situated in the geographical centre of a volatile sub-region of Europe, the Balkans, where, at least in some of its parts, a lot of ethnic and religious conflict is going on.

"Fortunately, Bulgaria is presently a stable place where people of various ethnic, religious, and political affiliations, democratic institutions, and Government, are involved in a difficult, but peaceful transition, to a society of market economy type.

"In my country, we are very much afraid, however, that the current conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, though still hundreds of miles away from our territory, may one day cross the Bulgarian borders, and that we will become the victim of war. This is something my Government would very much like to avoid at any price.

"I feel today, in this exchange of important thoughts about the values of the philosophy of Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Invincible Defense, that what this theory teaches may offer yet another possibility for the whole sub-region to start thinking in different terms and attempt to create a more peaceful collective consciousness in the area.

"I hope that such a new political consciousness could have a very positive impact on all regional relations and possibly prevent in the future, such terrible conflicts as are now being experienced, thus establishing better conditions for peace and prosperity for the people in the Balkans.

"Thank you very much, Your Holiness, for the opportunity to learn more about the important activities of Maharishi Vedic University in the Netherlands, and all over the world, and for the great hospitality of the organizers of the Second International Conference on Invincible Defense."



Commander of Naval Forces of the Republic of Honduras; Official Representative of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Honduras, and its Commander-in-Chief, Div. Gen. Luis Alonzo Discua Elvir

"Your Holiness Maharishi, distinguished guests: When I received this invitation, I was very excited, and eager to know what the conference would offer and how this could be applied for the future of our country.

"I am particularly enjoying this Conference because, throughout my military career, I have attended many types of meetings, but I've never had the opportunity to understand the real philosophy of invincible defense as presented by Maharishi. I want to express to you my gratitude for the invitation to this official Conference.

"The fear that we have in our country today is caused by the fast pace of change, which is happening in all fields of our nation's life—economic, political, social, and military—including in all four branches of our armed forces: navy, air force, police, and the army."

Stability for Central America

"Today, the political situation in our country, and in the whole of Central America, has changed very quickly. Part of the reason is that all the military forces in our neighbouring countries have been greatly reduced. Today our top commanders are all under intense stress.

"We are looking for a good opportunity to create a society that is happy, and provides good education, good health and everything that every nation needs for the future."

Profound Knowledge for the Future

"For me, from the experience of this Conference, I will take a profound knowledge for the future, and I will try to do something for our country and our neighbors in order to introduce the kinds of changes that are needed to bring happiness to our societies.

"I promise to you to inform our Commander-in-Chief about the conclusions of this Conference. I will suggest that my fellow officers in our armed forces also be given the opportunity to understand this beautiful philosophy of Maharishi's technology of defense—the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme including Yogic Flying. Thank you very much."



Former Chief Commissioner of Police for the Province of New Brunswick, Canada; Former Chief of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in his region; Retired Colonel in the Royal Canadian Air Force; Observer to the Conference from Canada.

"Your Holiness, three years ago I retired, after 40 years of working for the police and crime prevention. Now I do a radio and television show once a week on crime prevention."

Transcendental Meditation Can Reduce Crime

"Mr. Christopher Collrin of Maharishi Vedic College in St. John, New Brunswick, who is very instrumental in promoting crime-prevention through Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme, came to my show and said, “I have exciting news for you—I've got a programme that can reduce crime."

"I've heard that so many times over 40 years. But I was willing to study the scientific research and the more I studied it, the more I felt there was something in it. I'm an investigator by trade and a doubting Thomas. I'm always looking for negative evidence—not evidence that it does work, but evidence that it doesn't work.

"After thorough questioning and examination, I came away with no indications that there was anything negative about the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme. Everything was positive."

Effective Crime Prevention in North America through Maharishi's Yogic Flying Programme

"I've seen many indicators that the programmes are working—for example the way crime went down during the period in the summer of 1993 when 4,000 Yogic Flyers gathered in Washington, DC, and went up again after the group left. I'm also interested in the study of General Dai from Mozambique, which again proves that this programme does work."

More Jails and Police Not the Answer

'I don't believe that we should just build more jails and have more police, or better armies and all that—I don't think that's the way to go. I think we've got the answer now and more and more people believe that Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme is the solution. There is such a thing as a level of Natural Law which goes through society and affects us all.

"The Honourable Mr. Stan Darling and I have made approximately 140 presentations to leaders of Canada during the last year. With the help of Mr. Darling, we've been able to reach most of the politicians, and most of the Senators. I'm trying to promote what I see as something right—enlightenment in the world, happiness and prosperity and I think I am on the right track."



Former Cultural Counselor of the Ministry of Culture of China; Observer from the People's Republic of China.

"Your Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, distinguished guests.

"Yesterday I briefed everyone on the great progress of the promotion of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation programme, and some big projects proceeding in China. Today, I would like to talk about Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense."

Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense

"This great philosophy is a tremendous contribution to mankind and to the whole world. The practice of this philosophy—Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programme and Yogic Flying—has brought perfect health, creative intelligence, harmony, efficient administration, prevention of crime and a reduction of accidents, etc. There is no doubt that all of His Holiness Maharishi's philosophies and their practice are creating Heaven on Earth."

A New Contribution to World Peace

"Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense is another new contribution to world peace and to the military forces of every nation. I am very impressed with the principle that the real goal of defense is invincibility and that this supreme goal of every military is available now to the defense department of every nation.

"Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense outlines the principles and programmes of a Prevention Wing in the military on the basis of the knowledge of Natural Law, as brought to light by the objective approach of modern science and the subjective approach of ancient Vedic Science.

"Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense has been practiced in Mozambique and has already proven very effective, indicating that the establishment of a Prevention Wing in the military should be promoted as soon as possible, because civil wars still rage in some countries.

Benefit of Establishing a Prevention Wing in the Chinese Military

"China has the biggest population in the world, and has several million people in its army, air force, and navy. If the Prevention Wing could be established in the Chinese army, that will be very beneficial to the Chinese people and for the whole world.

"I am a retired Cultural Counsellor of the Ministry of Culture of China. I have had the pleasure to be an observer at both the First and Second International Conferences on Invincible Defense. We will bring back this precious knowledge of Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense to military headquarters and to the appropriate military personnel in China. I hope they will quickly create a Prevention Wing in the military of China. Thank you."



Former Member of Parliament of Canada (21 years) and former Member of the Defense Committee of Parliament of Canada (16 years); Observer to the Conference from Canada

"In 1991 I was approached by one of your teachers, who was in charge of the Maharishi Vedic College in my Riding. He explained to me about Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme, and mentioned its potential benefits for the prison population in Canada.

Benefits of the Transcendental Meditation Programme for the Canadian Prison System

"Canada is a very advanced country, but with full prisons, so I said, 'Why not look into this?'

"There is an area where we know that what we've been doing so far hasn't produced any results and it's costing us a billion dollars a year to maintain our prisons. So I said, 'If we can do something to reduce the prison population through your Transcendental Meditation Programme, this is a sensible thing, and it's going to save money.'

"In more recent times, Maharishi, you have formulated a plan to introduce your Transcendental Meditation into the armed forces."

Prevention Wing Well-Received in Canada

"In recent months, experts of Maharishi's programmes in Ottawa have been meeting with members of the House of Commons who are interested in defense or who could help with the Prevention Wing project, and of course members of Parliament who are on the Defense Committee are very important in this regard.

"We have had many excellent meetings with important people, including the Chairman of the Defense Committee, the Chairman of the Justice Committee, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defense. We found that these parliamentary leaders are starting to listen."

Help from a Constitution Based on Natural Law

"How are we going to get our people to do this? Maharishi, you talked about constitutions. The Canadian Constitution, like those of most countries, leaves a lot to be desired. In many ways it has caused more trouble than it has solved. You are talking about a Constitution based on Natural Law, and it would certainly be good if that could be instilled into these man-made constitutions.

"We could go back 8,000 years and man has always been fighting, but now, here is Mozambique, which was in a terrible civil war. They decided to create a Prevention Wing in the military, and it proved successful.

Proposal to Utilize Transcendental Meditation to Combat Stress in the Canadian Armed Forces

“We're endeavoring to get the Department of National Defense of Canada to take one regiment, or one company of a regiment, and try your programme. The problems, as I have found in the prisons and in the armed forces, are caused by stress, and this is one of the things that Transcendental Meditation will reduce greatly.

‘We know that in our country stress causes a lot of problems; we also know that there are many important businesses leaders in Canada who combat this problem by practising Transcendental Meditation, and think that it's a wonderful thing, including the leaders of some of the great corporations.

"We also met with the second in command in the Office of the Surgeon General—the officer in charge of the health of the armed forces—and he was most responsive. We also met the Commander of one of the biggest bases in Canada, and he was very, very positive, and offered assistance.

"Maharishi you've set yourself a great task, but you've got a great programme."

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