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Booklet Prepared for the International Conference on Invincible Defense in Maharishi Vedic University, Holland, November 1994

Maharishi International University

Scientific Principles to Create
for Every Nation and Lasting World Peace

Maharishi Effect: Creating Coherence and Harmony at the Collective Level of Nations

A Scientifically Proven Program to Prevent and Peacefully Resolve Military Conflicts Between Nations, Regional Conflicts, and Civil Wars


Page 1: Overview
Page 2: Science-Based Defense
Page 3: Principles of Invincibility
Page 4: Scientific Formulas to Create Coherence and Harmony
Page 5: The Principle of the FIELD EFFECT to Uphold Coherent Collective Functioning
Page 6: The Discovery of the Unified Field
Page 7: Quantum Cosmology
Page 8: 40 Major Qualities of the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature
Page 9: The Self-Referral, Self-Interacting Dynamic Structure of the of the Unified Field
Page 10: The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field
Page 11: Technology to Enliven Total Brain Functioning
Page 12: Increased Coherence for More Effective Brain Functioning
Page 13: Infinite Reservoir of Energy and Intelligence Available in Human Physiology
Page 14: The Most Powerful Technology of Defense
Page 15: Maharishi Effect—Creating Coherence and Harmony at the Collective Level
Page 16: Scientific Research on the Maharishi Effect
Page 17: Increased Coherence Within the Nation and Decreased International Conflict
Page 18: Research Findings Indicating Increased Coherence and Harmony
Page 19: Research Findings Indicating Reduced International Conflict
Page 20: Global Maharishi Effect
Page 21: Case Study: Successful Implementation of Maharishi's Technology of Defense
Page 22: Conclusion
Page 23: Research Reference Cited in the Text

Pic of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Founder of Maharishi International University, who introduced Transcendental Meditation to the world fifty years ago and opened the gateway of enlightenment to millions of people, is now offering his supreme system of defense to bring invincibility to every nation and perpetual peace to the world family.

A Scientific Program to Create
for Every Nation and Lasting World Peace

This document offers a practical, scientifically proven program for peaceful conflict resolution and for raising any nation to the supreme level of invincibility.

Based on the most advanced knowledge of modern quantum physics, this scientific programme utilizes the holistic evolutionary power of Natural Law at the most fundamental level of nature's functioning—the Unified Field of Natural Law—to create coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation, and in the family of nations as a whole.

This approach to invincibility eliminates the root cause of conflicts and wars—lack of coherence due to accumulation of stress in collective consciousness—and thereby establishes a permanent state of peace and harmony for all nations.


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