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Page 7: Quantum Cosmology and the Identification of the Unified Field with the Field of Pure Consciousness

This identification of the Unified Field of Natural Law as the field of self-referral consciousness is clearly substantiated by very recent developments in quantum cosmology—a fundamental area of science which investigates the basic mechanics of how the eternal, self-referral dynamism of the unmanifest Unified Field gives rise to a sequentially evolving manifest universe. By dealing with the eternal, non-changing, quantum-mechanical wave function of the universe at the most fundamental level of Natural Law, quantum cosmology is confronted with a deep issue of quantum measurement theory: who is the observer that observes and even determines—that means actually establishes—the sequence of specific states of the evolving universe?

Quantum cosmology concludes that there is only one, unified wholeness at the fundamental level of the Unified Field of Natural Law and no real fundamental division into observer and observed. Thus quantum cosmology verifies that the Unified Field observes itself in a completely self-referral manner and thereby confirms that the unmanifest, quantum-mechanical Unified Field of Natural Law* is a field of self-referral consciousness which generates the whole manifest universe by its process of self-observation.

*Note: A more detailed elaboration of advanced aspects in quantum cosmology that substantiate this important identification of the unmanifest, quantum-mechanical Unified Field as the field of pure consciousness is contained in the double-sided chart "The Self-Referral, Self-Interacting Dynamic Structure of the Unified Field of All the Law of Nature: The Invincible Basis of Nature's Functioning."

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