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First International Conference on Invincible Defense:
Scientific Principles to Create Invincibility for Every Nation and Lasting World Peace

Page 2: Science-Based Defense

This treatise presents the scientific foundation for a new approach to national defense that is fully capable of raising any nation to a supreme state of invincibility and of securing lasting world peace. This scientific foundation relates to most recent discoveries in modern science such as the fundamental insights gained in Unified Quantum Field Theory.

Scientific discoveries and corresponding technological progress have always had an important impact on the military and defense. In fact, a large portion of scientific research is undertaken just for the benefit of the military and defense. Unfortunately in the past, this research focused almost exclusively on destructive technologies. Even various countermeasures against military attacks are designed mainly to destroy or disable the military arsenal of the enemy. The most damaging of all these destructive military technologies has certainly come through the misuse of nuclear technology—the development of the atomic bomb and the H-bomb. Other, more subtle, destructive powers, such as biological warfare, also have unpredictable and terrible consequences for the whole mankind.

The presently prevailing focus on destructive technologies in the area of military and defense, however, has become highly questionable because even the most powerful nations have now become fully aware that their destructive military arsenal cannot protect their country from serious hostile attacks and terrorists' activities.

For this reason, now is the time to investigate and also to apply powerful scientific principles of constructive—non-destructive—means of conflict resolution, principles of invincibility, and principles to create a state of harmony and peace in the family of nations.

The present document explains that modern science is able to provide such unique and powerful principles in the area of military and defense. Moreover, this treatise also presents the successful defense technologies and holistic methods for conflict resolution that are based on these fundamental scientific principles, and that contrast with the currently practised unsatisfactory methods for conflict resolution which rely on negotiations and diplomatic courtesy. In addition, this document shows that these holistic defense technologies have already been tested in real conflict situations and have been validated by numerous, rigorous scientific research studies.

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