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First International Conference on Invincible Defense:
Scientific Principles to Create Invincibility for Every Nation and Lasting World Peace

Page 4: Scientific Formulas to Create Coherence and Harmony—the Key Principle to Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

It is obvious that a peaceful conflict-free state of a nation requires harmony within the nation as well as within the family of nations. Most conflicts are based on the lack of harmony, either on the international or national level. Lack of harmony in the family of nations results in wars and conflicts between nations; lack of harmony within the nation results in internal conflicts, such as civil war or conflicts between different opposing groups.

Therefore, a most important aspect of invincibility is to create harmony in society, or, in terms of modern science, to create coherence in collective functioning. In fact, the generation of coherence and harmony at the collective level of the family of nations is the ultimate principle of invincibility because it prevents the birth of an enemy. Securing perfect harmony within the family of nations results in absence of any enmity, and therefore the elimination of the root cause of hostile military attacks towards any nation.

The analysis of different examples of modern science shows that nature provides precise mechanisms to improve and optimize the inner coherence and orderly functioning within a system—in simple terms this means increase of harmony within the system. An example of the laser is discussed below.

Phase Transition towards
Coherence Due to Field Effect

Below Threshold—Disorder

incoherent light 

Increase of the Intensity of the Enlivenment of the Electromagnetic Field Phase Transition from Disorder to Coherence down arrow Phase Transition towards
Coherence Due to Field Effect

Coherent Laser

coherence light - laser

The laser demonstrates how a FIELD EFFECT gives rise to a phase transition from disorderliness to high coherence. In the laser the individual atoms enliven the electromagnetic field (the field of light) and the electromagnetic field reacts on the individual atoms.

As long as the enlivenment is only weak, below a critical threshold, the 'laser' has not yet become a real, coherent laser, and the individual atoms still function in a random, disorderly manner. Once the enlivenment of the electromagnetic field exceeds a critical threshold, however, a pronounced phase transition takes place and all atoms join in one coherent collective functioning. (Details of this phase transition have been worked out by physicists including H. Haken, R. Graham, V. DeGiorgio, M.O. Scully.) Then the electromagnetic field, or field of light, is coherent all over the laser and stimulates the individual atoms to participate in the coherent dynamics—the FIELD EFFECT.

This example of the laser and other examples reveal again that it is the access to the fundamental holistic or quantum-mechanical level of nature's functioning and the enlivenment of the holistic qualities at this level that creates coherence and harmony within a system.

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