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Second International Conference on Invincible Defense: Establishing a Prevention Wing in the Military of Every Nation to Raise Military Power to Invincibility and Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

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Scientific and Political Verification of the Beneficial Effects of the Groups of Yogic Flyers

The field effect created by the groups of Yogic Flyers has been verified by more than 40 scientific research studies. In addition, the calming down of collection consciousness in Mozambique is a further political proof of the effect of Yogic Flyers.

So we stand today with a very profound principle of enlivening the evolutionary aspect of Natural Law in every nation by maintaining a group of Yogic Flyers to just enliven the field effect.

Establishment of Groups of Yogic Flyers

We have been establishing groups of Yogic Flyers for the last fifteen years. The total effect has been purifying of the world consciousnesses, and events have proved that we have done well in this regard. But we are far from the target.

In thinking how to achieve the goal, we thought that though it's proven very difficult for the governments to create these groups of Yogic Flyers, there is a section of the government which is responsible for preventing the nations from being defeated by foreign invasions.

Fulfilling the Role of the Military

The military is responsible for preventing foreign invasions, and it can make independent decisions. It's not so dependent on the collective consciousness of the nation, because the military is not directly involved in the administration. It has a job—when the enemy comes, strike and get him out.

Only a Small Number of Military Required

Then the thought proceeded one more step ahead, that if we can take a small part of the military, one percent, two percent, and in smaller countries a little more—three, four, five percent—then the military's strength, as it is gauged today, will not be minimized to a very great extent.

A very small number of the people could be given a new kind of drill—Yogic Flying—to perform morning and evening. Just a small portion of the people practicing Yogic Flying will create a nourishing influence in natural consciousness, and will eliminate the stress and strain at its very basis in the whole country.

History of Military Power—Life under Fear

This is a completely new idea, after thousands of years of the fighting history of militaries. The word used in military circles is "national defense," but the quality of defending is through offensive programs, and the principle is that if you are very powerful no one can raise a finger against you, so you are invincible by the power to destroy.

But it has proved true thousands of times during the past thousands of years, that the invaders have invaded other countries, and then they themselves were invaded.

This has been the story of the world, and the worst part of it is, that between wars, all nations live under fear from their neighbour or from another nation further away. Life under fear does not present an intelligent administration. Under fear, there will be economic scarcity, poor health, crime and the jails will be full.

Failure of Current Systems of Administration

The failure of governmental administration is at the basis of this present state of the world floating in the democratic system. Everywhere, democracy has proved to be not satisfactory, but people accept it because they are still shivering from the memory of dictatorship, or of monarchy, or all other systems which have been tried in the past two hundred years.

All the political systems throughout the world, throughout time, provide no record of a really perfect system of administration, which can demonstrate a parental role for the government.

Precision of Nature in National Administration

We know that the universe is administered perfectly with absolute precision and order, so we are tempted to have this precision and order in our national administration.

This is now possible simply by having some groups of Yogic Flyers who trigger the enlivenment of the total potential of Natural Law, so that the individual senses, mind, ego, intellect—the subjective aspects of the individual—spontaneously function in good harmony with the total functioning of the universe.

In this way, we can make the government as orderly and efficient, and as precisely evolutionary for all, as is the Government of Nature. This strength of ours prompts us to go around the world and ring the bell of Eureka for the sovereignty of the government, and for the supreme authority of the military power in every country.

Individual and Holistic Functioning of Natural Law

One very special feature of Natural Law is that it functions in a holistic manner and on the individual level at the same time.

This became especially very clear when Dr. Tony Nader counted the features of physiology and tallied them with the different features of Natural Law that are recorded in the Vedic Literature.

Human Physiology—Expression of Veda

Huge volumes of Vedic Literature are printed, but the reality of the Vedic Literature is that the Vedic sounds are the impulses of consciousness, recorded and compiled in all the volumes of Vedic Literature. Those sounds are all there in the different physical structures and their functions in the physiology.

Here we see how Natural Law, from its transcendental, holistic level, begins to create isolated particles—all the billions of neurons. Here is the expression of total functioning of Natural Law, along with isolated, specific functioning of Natural Law—holistic functioning and individual functioning simultaneously.

EEG Research Locates the Seat of Invincibility in the Human Brain through the TM-Sidhi Program of Yogic Flying

Creating Coherence in World Consciousness and Locating the Seat of World Peace in the Coherently Functioning Brain Physiology of the Individual


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No Military Can Defend the Nation

In the hearts of the greatest and smallest military powers in the world, everyone knows that they can only drive away mosquitoes—if a tiger pounces there is nothing to do but cry.

Every Nation Must be Invincible

Only when all nations are established in invincibility can we create world peace on a permanent basis. Whether it's a small nation or a big nation, even if one nation in the family of nations is not invincible—that means it can be hurt from outside—then that weakness will be frightening for permanent world peace.

The Prevention Wing Is Cost-Effective

No country can say today, "We don't have money for a Prevention Wing." They don't need any money for a Prevention Wing. The two percent of military personnel forming the Prevention Wing are paid as are the other ninety-eight per cent. It has come out to be so simple and effective, and without cost.

On the other hand, how much would be the cost if the military has to go and fight. And even if there is no fighting, maintaining the military costs so much and the nation is still not free from fear. We are spending the national treasury to continue keeping the nation in fear.

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