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Second International Conference on Invincible Defence: Establishing a Prevention Wing in the Military of Every Nation to Raise Military Power to Invincibility and Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

Page 6: Maharishi's Inaugural Address continued...

Averting Natural Disasters through a Prevention Wing

The natural disasters which have befallen the world in recent months could all have been prevented by creating a Prevention Wing in the Military.

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and droughts, also have as their root cause the violation of Natural Law by the population of every country.

Natural Disasters due to Violation of Natural Law

The build-up of stress in the collective consciousness of the nation caused by violations of Natural Law eventually gives rise to war, economic collapse or social disorder. But it may also cause massive dislocations in Nature, as seen in disasters of different kinds.

When people violate the Laws of Nature, the violation of Natural Law is always punishable by Nature itself. Ignorance of law, they say, is no excuse.

The violence against Natural Law is a terrible negative influence that overtakes the whole collective consciousness, and it reflects in the stressful quality of national life. That is the reason why, throughout the world, the story is the same—there are problems, and there are disasters.

Prevention Wing Will Relieve the Build-up of Collective Stress

It is therefore vital to quickly establish the Prevention Wing in the military to relieve the build-up of stress in national consciousness, and raise national consciousness to a high level of purity, so that both war and natural disasters are prevented.

With a Prevention Wing of Yogic Flyers, the whole nation will begin to live spontaneously in harmony with Natural Law, and enjoy the support of Natural Law, so that there will be no further build-up of stress in collective consciousness, and the nation will be saved from future calamities.

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