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Second International Conference on Invincible Defense: Establishing a Prevention Wing in the Military of Every Nation to Raise Military Power to Invincibility and Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

Page 5: Maharishi's Inaugural Address continued...

Combating Modern Threats to Peace in the World

Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense is timely for every nation. Every Prime Minister must be aware that with the collapse of the superpowers a new theme of invasion is sweeping the world and his country is no exception.

Post-Industrial Philosophy of Invasion

Psychological, sociological, political, and economic storms are being created in different countries that baffle the population, divide the country into pieces, weaken the nation, and maneuver a "quiet take-over."

If the military of any country wishes to save its nation from this post-industrial philosophy of invasion, the only way is to immediately create a Prevention Wing of Yogic Flyers.

The factor of time is very, very important for every nation. Any loss of time will be a loss of opportunity because the enemy (in the guise of friendship) is moving fast every day from all directions.

Every nation in the world must be aware that even in this post-Cold War era, expansion of the means of warfare is continuing, and this expansion represents a new threat to the peace of everyone.

The Threat of New Weapons

The development of space weapons, which can attack from the skies above, means that every nation from now on, will face a constant unseen threat.

Furthermore, new kinds of biological warfare are being developed, based upon the knowledge of how to genetically engineer diseases for which there is no possible treatment or cure. This knowledge to create such diseases as an offensive weapon can be gained now by even relatively small nations.

These threats to peace, combined with the continued development of chemical weapons and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, makes it clear that every nation must have a Prevention Wing now, without a moment's delay.

Prevention Wing Needed Immediately

Every nation must immediately establish a Prevention Wing in the military to stop the birth of an enemy, and save the nation from these new and terrible dangers.

The creation of a Prevention Wing in the military to fortify defence on the level of invincibility will raise the quality of administration to the supreme efficiency of Nature's Government.

Peace and order will reign in the family of nations and the national, man-made constitution of every country will be supported, enriched, and upheld by the invincible organizing power of the Constitution of the Universe.

Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense, offering invincibility to every nation, will create conflict-free politics, problem-free governments, and a permanent state of world peace.

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