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Third International Conference on Invincible Defence: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

Page 9: Presentation of the Principles of Maharishi's Prevention Wing in the Military continued...


Dr. Katsuaki Oyama

Dr. Katsuaki Oyama

Member, International Board of Trustees of Maharishi Vedic Universities, and Maharishi Ayur Veda Universities; worldwide President, Maharishi Research Institute, Japan

The only means for permanent peace in every nation is to transform enmity to friendship, to love. This is the skill of utilizing the field of lively silence as the ultimate strategy of invincible defence. Establishing a Prevention Wing in the military will enliven nourishing silence in the collective consciousness of the nation and will ensure that future problems and wars will be avoided. This is the only technology of defense which will not produce destructive side-effects, and which is only nourishing.

In this regard, I would like to read some quotations on warfare from the ancient scriptures of different cultures. The wisdom contained in these statements emphasize the importance of prevention and nourishing power in the field of defence. The first is from the ancient Vedic Literature:

  • 'In the vicinity of Yogic influence—unifying influence, integrating influence, coherent and harmonious influence—conflicting tendencies do not arise.' —Yoga Sutra

From ancient China, about 2500 years ago, there was a very famous master of warfare, called Sun Tzu. In The Art of War, he wrote:

  • 'The best strategy to win the war is to attack the plot of the enemy before the enemy appears.'
  • 'The most wise military man in warfare doesn't fight to overcome the enemy. He doesn't attack to break down the castle. He doesn't take much time to conquer the opposing nation. He always wins without incurring damage. Therefore, his military doesn't get weakened. This is way of strategic warfare.'

About 400 years ago, there was a very famous master of warfare in Japan. His name is Musashi Miyamoto and he was never defeated. In Go Rin No Sho he wrote:

  • 'The ultimate art of warfare lies in the place where the clouds of ignorance are removed.'

Lao Tzu, the ancient master of the teaching of Natural Law in China, wrote:

  • 'The best warrior doesn't resort to arms. The best military man doesn't get upset. The best victor against the enemy doesn't fight. The best person who utilizes people is himself modest. This is called the virtue of non-fighting. This is called the way of utilizing the power of people. This is called the way to respect Natural Law.' Ch. 68
  • 'Conquering the whole country must always be accomplished by doing nothing. In case of emergency (war) it is not worthwhile to conquer the whole country.' Ch. 48

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