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Third International Conference on Invincible Defense: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

Page 3: Maharishi's Inaugural Address continued...


Utilizing Prevention in the Most Powerful Sector of Society

Prevention is non-existent in the world today and it has been non-existent in the world for thousands of years in the past. Everywhere we see problems in every field, in every country—problems in politics, economics, health. This means administration is lacking something everywhere, and that is the element of prevention.

Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government

For many years we have been proposing to the governments of the world to have a group of Yogic Flyers to maintain strong harmony and coherence in the national consciousness. This is our Absolute Theory of Government. Maintaining a group of Yogic Flyers maintains harmony in the whole collective consciousness of the nation, and if collective consciousness is very integrated, government will be integrated, very strong, and without problems. No enemy will be born to the nation with a group of Yogic Flyers in the country.

Today, the situation is that any sovereign nation is not really enjoying sovereignty. Every country is living under fear and all the time under fear, they are preparing defense through destroying the enemy. If the nation is living under fear, what is the value of a government, what is the value of a defense department? If a military cannot save the nation, what is the use of a military?

Removing Weakness from Every Area of National Life

The same thing is true in the field of education. If a government or the education department of a government is not able to create educated men and women, those who will not create problems for themselves and who will not remain weak, what is the use of education? The citizens of the nation should be strong and able to fulfil their goals in life.
In the same way, health is also weak—no nation is healthy. Everywhere there is crime and all those wrong things for which police and prisons are there. This means that the whole structure of administration of society is only a fraud; it is not real.

A Prevention Wing with a small portion of military personnel will create integrated national consciousness, which will give substance to government. It will make education meaningful, it will make the health ministry of every government useful and purposeful. It will empty the prisons, because no one will commit crime. We are speaking about a time when every government will be purposeful, as opposed to the thousands of years of failure of governments.

Violation of Natural Law Is the Basis of Problems

The whole philosophy of the Prevention Wing has at its basis one fundamental principle: violation of Natural Law is the basis of any suffering, failure, or problem.
Natural Law is always evolutionary, so action according to Natural Law is always progressive, whereas violation of Natural Law is always punishable by Natural Law. Even violation of national law is a punishable offence, while action according to national law is always rewarded by the government.

The whole population of the world is violating Laws of Nature. This is obvious because we have problems everywhere, and this is because education today does not train the people to think and act according to Natural Law.

How to Neutralize Stress in the Whole Population of Any Country

The Absolute Theory of Defense says, 'if everyone is violating Natural Law and creating stress and strain and negativity in society, let us create one group in the country which will counter-balance this stress and strain created by the whole population in the country'.
It's like the people of the whole village, every day, make their clothes dirty, but one washing machine in the village keeps on washing off the dirt. This is one absolute principle of keeping the whole village neat and clean. In the same way, if everyone is violating Natural Law and creating stress and strain in national consciousness, then we can maintain a group which will neutralize that national stress.

We can either educate everyone to think and act according to Natural Law—this will be the ideal of national administration—or, until that is achieved, we can at least create a group of Yogic Flyers. This group will radiate positivity, harmony, and coherence, and this increased positivity will neutralize the stress in the national consciousness. This is the principle on which we can create a problem-free society.

This brings out one beautiful point. There are basically two to three different kinds of governments: those based on political principles, those based on economic principles, and those based on religion. But because we see problems existing in every country, regardless of the structure of government, it is certain that Natural Law is being violated. In any kind of government, problems or suffering emerge from violation of Natural Law.

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