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Third International Conference on Invincible Defense: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

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Professor Academician Nicholai Nicholaevich Lyubimov

Professor Academician Nicholai Nicholaevich Lyubimov

President, Maharishi Vedic University,
Moscow; Head of the Neuro-cybernetics Laboratory, Brain Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

During my scientific life, I studied a very important aspect of neurobiology—the mobilization of the resources of the brain. We have not only studied the mechanisms of brain functioning and structure of organization of the brain, but we also try to look for some new brain abilities. This brought our attention to Maharishi's Technology of Consciousness.

I used 25 individuals to evaluate brain activity before and during Transcendental Meditation (TM). We recorded the evoked responses from 21 points of the brain and we simultaneously tried to evaluate many characteristics of neurophysiological reactions to sensory input.

We tried to estimate typology of some early evoked components of responses induced by sensory stimulation, before and during TM.

If we stimulate the left hand of individuals you can see projections from the right side from the contra-lateral hemisphere. This is classical neurology. But what we see during TM is a great mobilization of different brain structures.

The Physiological Understanding of `Expansion of Consciousness'

Maharishi says that during TM our consciousness expands. This is a philosophical interpretation of the TM phenomenon, but also using neurological language we can see from the findings that our brain is utilizing a much wider range of perception during Transcendental Meditation. We saw the same phenomenon in 25 subjects.

I know of no other way to mobilize this great resource of our brain—how to mobilize non-classical additional pathways of the neuro-cybernetic system. But in TM we have a very natural method of unfolding full brain potential.

Also, the behaviour of early components of evoked responses induced by some other sensory stimulation show a great correlation on the level of cortex and on the level of the back part of the brain stem of our subjects just before TM and during TM.

EEG Coherence During Transcendental Meditation

My American and European colleagues, before our investigation, paid great attention to the behaviour of EEG patterns. They estimated power spectra and coherence of brain activity in the EEG patterns before and during TM. The typical picture of a Meditator just before TM and during TM shows increased alpha activity in different structures of the brain—not only in the back part of the brain but also in parietal and motor cortex of the brain.

During Transcendental Meditation, there is increased power spectra of alpha and theta activity. There is also a synchronization of alpha and theta activity in the brain at many points over the brain.

Connected to this we also have found mobilization of additional brain structures, using stimulation of the brain.

Restful Alertness

One can also see the disappearance or diminution of the later components of evoked responses induced by a stimulation. Maharishi has said that during TM, when the activity of the mind is refined, the activity of the brain also becomes more refined.

I would like to call your attention to the behavior of a special form of activity of our brain during TM. My American colleagues pay particular attention to the behavior of alpha and theta activity. But Maharishi says that during TM there is specific activation of our creative abilities.

What is our mind doing during TM? Maharishi answers, 'during TM our mind is experiencing pure knowledge'. This is a very complicated process from the perspective of modern physiology. It is connected to the activation of specific systems of the brain stem which organize reaction of de-synchronization of the brain.

As any neurophysiologist knows, during any creative activity we have increased power spectra of beta activity—not only of theta but beta activity.

We paid attention to this activity one year ago, when, together with my colleagues in the USA, I was invited to evaluate the effect on criminality and the quality of life of some of the 5,000 TM-experts practising Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying together in Washington, DC. We recorded evoked responses and power spectras without wires.
I would like to mention one phenomenon we examined. We measured the EEG and its power spectra from two points of the frontal part of our brain of our subjects. Then, for five minutes the person sat with eyes closed. Beta activity dropped, typical in this situation. Then our subject started to practise Transcendental Meditation. Not only did alpha and theta spectra increase, but there was also increased power spectra of beta activity.

This indicates that, during TM, there is not only relaxation of our body, but the simultaneous existence of a very creative process, as indicated by activation of specific parts of the brain. There is a scientific, neurological basis for this understanding.

Transcendental Meditation to Utilize Full Brain Potential

In conclusion, this research shows that if you would like to be a much more intelligent person, to have much more intuition, to have more rewarding activity in your life, learn the Transcendental Meditation technology. The data indicates that this technology is very powerful and can not only mobilize additional abilities of the brain, but also has the ability to reorganize one's life in the positive direction. Personally, I can support that. Thank you.


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