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Third International Conference on Invincible Defense: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

Page 2: Maharishi's Inaugural Address


It is really a great joy today, to think aloud with all the powerful individuals and powerful representatives of their nations, how we can really achieve the supreme goal of military power.

Supreme Goal of the Military—To Protect and Nourish the Nation

The supreme goal of the military, as everyone is aware, is to protect and nourish the nation. We are adding only one little to thing to this: to protect the nation by eliminating the birth of an enemy.

Throughout the ages, the military has been protecting the nation at the border. It is more intelligent to disallow the enemy to reach our border. Better still is to meet the enemy in his own home, and still better is to eliminate the enmity in the enemy in his own home; stop the birth of an enemy. If this could be achieved, then the purpose of military will be supremely fulfilled.

Prevention Is Better than Cure—Stop the Birth of an Enemy

Prevention is always better than cure. If prevention is unavailable, then, of course, we have to go for cure. But if we want to stop the suffering, we must stop the birth of an enemy.

This voice to stop the birth of an enemy is a new voice in the thousands of years of history of defense. For thousands of years it was known that to fight the enemy, all the best procedures to destroy the enemy must be prepared. Because of this established habit for thousands of years, when a voice comes, 'prevent the birth of an enemy', it may sound a little bit strange.

Prevention Wing—Utilizing Only One to Five Percent of the Military

But we are offering a program to engage only one to five percent of the military in this new program to stop the birth of an enemy, while the rest of the military, 95 — 99 percent, could continue with the old habit.

Also, in any war, the whole army does not fight, only a part fights, one or two percent, maybe ten percent of the soldiers fight; 99, 90 percent remain to fight later, in case more are needed. For this reason, if five percent of the military are kept to do some kind of exercise which will stop the birth of an enemy, it is worthwhile to try it out. There can be no intelligent reason for not sparing some little percentage of the military to prevent the birth of an enemy.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the midst of flowers and flags of all nations with the Bell of Invincibility at his right addressing the Third International Conference on Invincible Defense

A Reserve Force for the Nation

Another consideration is the extensive scientific research at the basis of this proposal. Even on the basis of scientific research alone, it is reasonable to set aside one to five percent of the soldiers for a Prevention Wing. Supposing nothing happens, even then, nothing would be lost to the nation by not using three or five percent of military, because 95 percent will always be ready to fight. And if it works, then these five percent of the soldiers will make the other 95 percent invincible. A Prevention Wing in the military will always be a reserve force for the military.

No Military Today Can Defend the Nation

No military in the world today, whether of a small or a big country, can really defend the nation. The whole military can die or crush down the other military, but prevention—protection of the nation—could still remain completely beyond their control.
Every young man who comes into the military, comes out of real patriotism, 'I will protect my nation; even at the cost of death, I will protect the nation'. Therefore, governmental policy should be that anyone who offers his life for the protection of the nation should be protected. Establishing a Prevention Wing should be out of kindness to all the personnel in the military.

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