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Third International Conference on Invincible Defense: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

Page 5: Expression of Good Wishes and Expectations of Solutions to the Problems of their Countries by the Conference Participants

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Lieutenant General Krivonogikh
Vice-Commander of the Headquarters for Military Cooperation of CIS Countries
"In my opinion, the problems with which we are dealing during this conference are very important. For us it's a really new theory and we'll study it thoroughly, and with the help of my colleagues, I will try to use it in practice. Let me welcome and thank the participants of the conference and wish all success to the work of the conference and developing of this theory of Maharishi."

Colonel General Smirnov
representing the Defence Forces of RUSSIA
"Russia and its armed forces are occupying a special place in the world and it is very important for us to use every possibility to prevent wars and threats of aggression....
Now, placed before the new Russia and its armed forces is a big question of how to utilize human resources for preventing any aggression and war. We would like to use the possibilities presented by the theory of Maharishi and to understand ... how it is possible to use it in practice to prevent aggression and war."

Major General Maksimchik
representing the Defence Forces of BELARUS

"As for the creation of conflicts and wars, and the influence of a military man to prevent them using the theory of Maharishi, there is no doubt that there are a lot of possibilities."

Major General Agafonov
representing the Defence Forces of KAZAKHSTAN
"History has known many wars which lasted several years, even 100 years. There were regional wars and world wars and now many ethnic and regional conflicts in the world.
`There is no doubt that we should try to find a solution to all these troubles. I think that this theory will make a great contribution to prevent any conflict and to bring peace to the whole world."

Lieutenant General Tchikovani
representing the Defence Forces of GEORGIA

"Not long ago my country was a very beautiful region with very hospitable people. It is now involved in a very bloody, ethnic war on two fronts. ... both these conflicts were calmed down using the formula that force can calm down another force.
"But unfortunately we didn't reach peace, and the aggression and the will to start it again are still there...
"I hope and I am even sure that the creation of this kind of Prevention Wing of specially trained soldiers, will help to find a solution in my country."

Captain of the First Rank Alimardanov
representing the Defence Forces of AZERBAIJAN
"Unfortunately, for six years we have been witness to the war on our territory ...
"Because of the great work of many people during the past year there is now a cease-fire, and we have real hope to restore peace....
"I hope that this theory will help to restore peace, not only in our regions, but in the whole world."

Major General Niyazov
representing the Defence Forces of AZERBAIJAN

"For a long period the people [of Tajikistan] just worked and were very peaceful, but unfortunately ... a civil war started in our small republic, which nobody had thought was possible before in our country. ... This hot spot was calmed down. ... But the very sad feelings after this civil war linger on.
"I hope that this theory will help us in calming down hot spots like my country, Tadjikastan.
"If we can implement this theory in practice then the whole of our world can be like the globe here surrounded by beautiful flowers in the middle of this hall."

Major General Aroutyunyan
representing the Defence Forces of ARMENIA

"Unfortunately after the Soviet Union was dissolved, many conflicts appeared which resulted in the loss of many lives....
"It's very important for my republic to understand the theory of Absolute Defence, and especially the creation of a so-called security wing."

Colonel Glushko
representing the Ministry of Defence of RUSSIA

"I know this theory of Maharishi, but from the medical side of the theory, as I have been occupied in reducing stress and rehabilitating the injured.
"The principle and practice of this theory and methods have a very positive effect. And implementation, not among the separate people, but in whole regions and countries, should be adopted."

Lieutenant Colonel Ouattara
representing the Ministry of Defence of MALI

"Now more that ever, the Malian government and people never again want to face a situation of conflict in the country. We think that the only war worth fighting is the war for development, the war against malnutrition, and the war for the well-being of the people. Therefore, we will follow with great attention the details of this conference....
"Without peace there is no development and even life is not possible...."

His Excellency Albert Mbonerane
Ambassador of BURUNDI to Germany

"Since October 1993, we have known a civil war which has resulted in 100,000 deaths and one million refugees in neighbouring Zaire and Tanzania. The main question that we are facing today is security, security for the citizens of the republic, and peace, peace for the country.
"The conviction of our head of state is that violence will never be an answer to violence, and that in spite of this present conflict, he wants to find a solution of how the armed forces can share with the population something which will enable the country to restore peace...
"I want to express first, the feeling of peace that we have in this beautiful atmosphere, and that we should be able to transfer this peace to our countries."

Colonel Ndiyo
Defence Attaché of the Embassy of BURUNDI

"Now we see that prevention is coming up because preventing is cheaper than curing. We have seen the recent example in Rwanda where the intervention of armed forces inside the country cost 1.5 billion dollars without any stable result...
"I would propose first that this [Prevention Wing] project should first be proposed to the highest political and military authorities, so that all the armed forces will benefit from it."


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