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Third International Conference on Invincible Defense: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

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Dr. Tony Nader


International President, Maharishi Ayur Veda Universities; Member, International Board of Trustees of Maharishi Vedic Universities and Maharishi Ayur Veda Universities; Discoverer of the Veda and Vedic Literature in Human Physiology

It is a great pleasure to discuss with you this morning the scientific basis of Maharishi's programme for a Prevention Wing in the military.

Old and New Technologies of Defence

When you look for a technology of defence—an airplane, a tank, the latest and most powerful equipment—you like to know how it works, its range of activity, and its strengths.

Two thousand years ago a big wall to defend your border may have been effective, but now we have more advanced technology. A cannon or a fast airplane can create powerful effects from a distance, but today even these technologies are easy to overcome.

Deeper Levels of Nature Have Greater Power

Scientists have found that the deeper levels of Nature have greater power—the energy available in the atom has very powerful destructive potential.

Beyond the atom, scientists have uncovered finer levels of Nature's functioning. Quantum mechanics has revealed that particles are wave functions, and photons of light are, in fact, a wave in the electromagnetic field. This level of Nature gave rise to powerful laser technology.

Lasers are coherent light waves producing a very powerful potential of penetration and are now used in space defence technology to destroy missiles in the air from space.
But there is a greater power than atomic power and laser technology. This is the intelligence of man which uses them. If the army is so intelligent that it can change the decision of the enemy and prevent him from attacking, then it would have used a much more efficient means of defense—least costly and most effective.

The factors involved in decision-making, in convincing the enemy not to attack and in creating the right conditions so no enemy is born to the nation, and are uncountable. They include the nature of the relationship with other nations, the past actions and decisions of one's nation, the collective desires, perception, and stress of the people, economic and strategic variables, etc. All these factors, psychological, sociological, economic, political, etc. operate under certain laws which can be called the Laws of Nature.

Natural Law

The Laws of Nature are expressed, in physics for example, as laws of motion, laws of gravity, and laws of acceleration. Laws exist on all levels of life—biochemical, physiological, biological. The Laws of Nature are also on the level of behaviour, of society, and of the whole universe. The entire galactic universe is maintained in perfect order by these laws. Collectively they are called Natural Law.

The range of activity of Natural Law is enormous. This can be appreciated when we realize that our planet earth is a little planet orbiting around one of 2,000 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, which is one galaxy out of several billion galaxies in the universe. This opens our awareness to the dimensions, power, and energy of Natural Law.

All means of defense used in the past have failed because they use only partial aspects of Natural Law. Defense on the basis of the power to destroy cannot give security to the nation. The same arms or more powerful ones can be used against those who depend on them for safety. Real defense means to disallow anyone from becoming a threat or an enemy. For this, an all inclusive intelligence which can compute total knowledge of all causes and effects and all factors, variables, and conditions is necessary. For the nation to be invincible, therefore the total intelligence of nature must be utilized.

Total Knowledge of Natural Law

This total intelligence of Natural Law has been described and made available to us through an ancient tradition called Veda and Vedic Literature. This is the tradition from which His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi comes. Maharishi has assembled and organized this scattered, centuries-old literature as a science of total knowledge of Natural Law.

Discovery of the Total Knowledge of Natural Law—
Veda and Vedic Literature, in Human Physiology

Over the past year, under Maharishi's guidance we discovered that our human physiology is an exact replica of Veda and Vedic Literature—it is an exact replica of the total potential of Natural Law.

Presentation of the Principles of Maharishi's Prevention Wing in the Military

There are 37 different aspects of the Vedic Literature and each of these aspects has a function, and a structure. Our physiology also fulfils different functions that correspond exactly to these 37 aspects of the Vedic Literature in structure and function.

Structure of Vedic Literature and Physiology

For example, Yoga, one of the 37 aspects of the Vedic Literature, has a quality of unification. This function is fulfilled by the activities of the association fibres in the brain which unify the diversity of individual experiences in the cortex.

The book of Yoga is made of four chapters with a specific number of sutras (verses) in each chapter. The human brain is divided into four lobes with a number of specialized areas in each lobe corresponding exactly in structure and function to the book of Yoga and its chapters and sutras.

In a similar way the cerebellum with its 10 lobes corresponds to another aspect of the Vedic Literature called Vaisheshik. Vaisheshik has 10 chapters. The thalamus inside the brain has five sections with two divisions each and 16 groups of nuclei. It corresponds to the aspect of the Vedic Literature called Nyaya. Nyaya has five chapters with two divisions each and 16 categories.

In this way, all the 37 aspects of Veda and the Vedic Literature have been discovered to correspond one to one in their structure and function, to all 37 aspects of the human physiology.

Relationship between Intelligence and Matter

This is a very profound discovery of the relationship between mind and body, between consciousness and physiology, between intelligence and matter.

What this discovery shows us is that intelligence and matter are the same; the structure of matter is based on the structure of intelligence. The total potential and intelligence of Natural Law is available to everyone in his mind and body.

Experiencing the Unified Field of Natural Law through Maharishi's Vedic Technology of Consciousness

As scientists have probed deeper into Nature they discovered what is called the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. All of Nature is unified in one field of Nature, the Unified Field, in which all these Laws of Nature, all the intelligence and power of Nature, resides.

Maharishi has brought to light that human physiology, being a replica of the total potential of Natural Law, can access the Unified Field, which is the home of Natural Law. Every human being, with the incredible cosmic computer that is our physiology, has the ability to contact this Unified Field and experience that level of reality. This is achieved through Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying.

Tony Nader Book

Discovery of the relationship between consciousness and physiology marks the pinnacle of the 400 year evolution of modern science. Available from

Every individual accessing that level of intelligence gains total knowledge of Natural Law in his or her individual awareness. Thought, speech, and action become spontaneously in accordance with Natural Law.

When a small percentage of people in a society practise Maharishi's Technology of Consciousness, the whole society gains that total invincible intelligence of Nature on a collective level. This ensures that no enemy is born to the nation.

The nation becomes invincible through its alliance with the invincible power and intelligence of Natural Law available in the physiology of everyone, and through the Prevention Wing, made available in the physiology of the whole nation.

Natural Law - Influence from all over the Universe on the Earth and the Human Brain

This picture shows a coronal section of the brain with its internal structures and their one-to-one relation to the planets. Perfect order and balance in the structure and function of the universe is reflected in the structure and function of the physiology (click for larger image). (For simplicity, only a few of the aspects of the comprehensive connections between the universe and the physiology are shown in this illustration.)

The phenomenon produced by the TM-Sidhi Programme of Yogic Flying gives the experience of bliss, and generates coherence between consciousness and matter—mind and body. EEG studies have shown that during this phenomenon, when the body lifts up in the air, physiology and consciousness are completely integrated.

Also, the coherence generated by groups of Yogic Flyers spreads throughout society and neutralizes negative tendencies in the whole nation. My colleagues will describe how this happens on the basis of the field effect in physics and the scientific research documenting these effects.

The Most Powerful Technology of Defence

This is the most powerful technology of defence. It is the technology that can stop the enemy from becoming an enemy. Using convincing power and arguments on the intellectual level are only partial aspects of intelligence. History has shown their inefficiency. Using the total intelligence of Nature which organizes the affairs of the entire universe can really create invincibility.

Using destructive power has failed because destructive strategies bring destruction also to oneself and because no matter how big the weapon or how strong the capacity to destroy, there always will be a technology stronger than that. The total power of Nature is the only thing that can be invincible.

Only the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, the totality of Natural Law, is invincible, and by fathoming that we fathom the infinite power that maintains the entire universe in perfect order. This infinite power and intelligence is in our own human physiology and in our own human consciousness, and all we need is to use it.

Enlivening the Power of Natural Law through a Prevention Wing in the Military

The creation of a Prevention Wing in the armed forces is a proposition to enliven the total evolutionary power of Natural Law in the collective consciousness of the nation. This is not a philosophical proposition. The armed forces want results. The programmes designed for the Prevention Wing are the most advanced scientific and technological means of defence available today.

I would urge you to follow the example of the great vision of His Excellency President Chissano, who used this technology and verified on a practical level its great benefits, as we have heard in the report of General Dai.

A Prevention Wing in the Military for the Individual and the Nation

At the very least, by implementing a Prevention Wing in the military you will have given a technology to 1,000 or 2,500 or 7,000 people in your country which has been proven through more than 500 research studies to improve health, to improve creativity, to improve well-being, to reduce disease, to make the individual more happy, contributing more to his nation in intelligence and in productivity.

On an individual basis there should be no hesitation to use it, and for the invincibility of the country it is absolutely mandatory. I urge you to be leaders in the creation of a world of peace, in which invincibility and the infinite power of Nature—that will not allow the birth of an enemy—is the basis of peace.

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