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Third International Conference on Invincible Defense: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

Page 12: Report on behalf of the Ministry of Defense of Mozambique on the implementation of Maharishi's Prevention Wing in the Military


Lieutenant General Tobias DAI

Lieutenant General Tobias Dai

Representative of the Ministry of Defense of Mozambique, former Commander of the Army of Mozambique

As we mentioned in the two previous conferences, in 1993 the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme was introduced to more than 15.000 men of the former armed forces of Mozambique FPLM.

Through the collective meditations and Yogic Flying practiced by the soldiers, sergeants, and officers, we experienced concretely the Maharishi Effect—reduction of stress and tension and increase of coherence in the collective consciousness.

Personal Benefits of Transcendental Meditation to Soldiers

During a meeting we asked the military men if they felt any difference after having begun the practice of Transcendental Meditation. One of them related that previously he had problems sleeping, but now he was able to sleep well and woke up more rested. We realized that this was a general experience; the relief from insomnia was one of the first benefits felt. Another military man pointed out that before he had family relationship problems, there was always noise, arguments, but now this had disappeared. Another mentioned that his appetite had improved. Many were saying that they had reduced or given up the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes.

They also mentioned reduced use of medicines, hospital visits, and reduced hypertension and headaches. The relationship amongst the military men was better and orders were carried out more efficiently, while the level of tension in the atmosphere was reduced, and the men were enjoying the practice. The program began to be spoken well of in the military environment and we started to have calls for teachers in the provinces where the technique had not yet reached.

The benefits of the program continued for the demobilized men. Those that I meet from time to time tell me that they continue their practice privately. Many of them are now doing various courses to qualify themselves for the job market. They say that the technique also helps their concentration and learning ability.

Maintaining the Peace through Creating Coherence in Collective Consciousness

As a whole we were amazed to see that peace was being maintained after so much time of conflict in the country and that there was harmony amongst those who had fought. What appeared almost impossible was a reality. Brothers who had fought divided by outside forces, again understood each other. Apart form this, crime and violence was reduced by 20 percent in the first part of 1993, an unexpected index in a post war period, and motor vehicle accidents decreased.

Balance of Nature through the Maharishi Effect

The result that surprised us most was the unexpected coming of rains six months in advance after five years of the worst drought of the century in east Africa. The population became more optimistic, and travelling through the country we saw cultivation re-starting in many areas.

The benefits that we experienced, culminated with the realization of free and democratic elections throughout the country, without significant incidents of violence. Also we saw positive changes in neighbouring countries.

After January 1994, when the former Mozambican armed forces demobilized, the coherence creating groups of Yogic Flyers were dramatically reduced and we saw a corresponding reduction in positivity in the country. Rains were less, with negative effects on agriculture and the economy, and crime and accident rates increased. What helped to maintain relative peace and harmony in 1994 was the introduction of the program in the police schools and the teaching of the TM technique to some state companies.

Re-Introduction of the Prevention Wing Planned

At the moment we are enjoying an apprehensive calm, but are now planning the re-introduction of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program in the new armed forces and in the police training centres. This year we intend to introduce this program to the soldiers who will be trained in the military schools where they will practice Transcendental. Meditation and Yogic Flying in their military training curriculum. Following their training period they will go to their destined bases and continue to practice collectively Yogic Flying as part of their daily routine.

To ensure the success of this program in the armed forces, monitors will be trained who will be selected from the best military men. Their work will be to conduct the meditations twice daily. This process will be repeated every year with the new groups that will enter the military training schools, ensuring permanent use of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi-Program in the armed forces and the maintenance of the Maharishi Effect for Mozambique.

We are very thankful to Maharishi for having offered us this knowledge which forms part of military science, and we would like to express our desire to continue to make the best use of it. Thank you very much.

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