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Third International Conference on Invincible Defence: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

Page 4: Maharishi's Inaugural Address continued...


Transcendental Meditation for Life According to Natural Law

Fortunately, in the world full of problems, we have located an area of life from where everything will be in favour of Natural Law. We have discovered that level of life where all the Laws of Nature are lively in Transcendental Consciousness, which is reached by the mind through the practice of my Transcendental Meditation.

The Transcendental Meditation programme takes the mind to the area where all the Laws of Nature are lively and everyone, through this programme, can allow his mind settle down to that region which is total Natural Law. Thinking from that level, every thought will be according to Natural Law.

Invincible Power of Natural Law

Endowed with the invincible power of defence Natural Law spontaneously provides safety and security to the Government of the Universe. This absolute orderly performance of the Government of the Universe is to be inherited by the military of every nation by establishing a Maharishi Prevention Wing in the military.

Attend to the Field of Consciousness to Nourish All Areas of Life

The principle is very simple [Maharishi takes a rose in his hand]. All this hard stem and green leaf and beautiful golden petal, they all come from the root. The sap comes from the root and it becomes stem here, green leaf here, all the different values.

That sap, we say, is transcendental reality, it is beyond; that sap is beyond the stem, it is beyond the green leaf, it is beyond the golden petal. Sap is the basis of all these different values of the flower. Now this sap is not yellow, it is not green, it is not hard, but all these qualities come from that sap. The gardener enlivens the sap at the root; he only attends to the root, and supplies life to all these different values.

The idea is to attend to one thing and bring more life to all the different areas. In the same way that sap is the one basis of this plant, consciousness is the basic element of all areas of life.

The programme of Transcendental Meditation gives the experience of Transcendental Consciousness, where all the laws of nature are lively. This experience enlivens Natural Law in our thinking and in our behaviour and this is the programme to make everyone's thought and action according to Natural Law, and eliminate naturally the influence of negativity and suffering in the whole society. This is the Absolute Theory of Defence, the supreme principle: by handling the mind, by handling consciousness, it is possible to create life according to Natural Law and be free from problems.

Using the Total Brain Potential for Maximum Alertness

Professor Nicholai Nicholaevich Lyubimov, a great neuroscientist of Russia, has discovered that the total brain begins to function with Transcendental Meditation. Particularly in the military, the whole training aims at keeping the soldiers alert all the time. With this system of quieting the mind, the whole physiology is enlivened and alertness comes on the supreme level.

A more alert, more awake mind and body, will create a better economy through better production. Dr. Lyubimov says if the people use their full brain they will be more creative, and production will increase. When the production is better, the economy will be better,
For politics to be better the politician also should use his full brain. Using the full brain will improve the economy and the political situation. The goal of creating a better economy and a better government, will also be fulfilled by the Prevention Wing, which has the programme to make the mind and body more alert.

The Military Must be Free from Weakness

Whatever is the situation of economy or politics, the one responsibility of military is to safeguard the nation. If the military blames the politicians, and politicians blame the military, the blaming of each other is not going to help the nation.

If the military makes a law that five per cent of its personnel will do this Prevention Wing drill morning and evening, such a law in the military training manual of the country will ensure that the military will keep the nation invincible. This is the Absolute Theory of Defence—whatever may be the weaknesses of politics or economics, the military will be invincible.

From Where Should the Military Get its Power?

The experience of the military is: if the military is weak, then a stronger force will invade. So in order to save the country, we must be more powerful than anyone else, so that no one can dare to raise a finger against us. The need is for adding more strength to the military so that the military is invincible.

From where to get the power? Research has been done to get more and more dreadful weapons, but this research is the means to destroy and has created a very fearful situation. It has reached a level where no one can save the country. Therefore, for military to be capable of defending the nation, it must rise to invincibility.

How can the military rise to invincibility? There is a power in the world, in the universe, which is invincible—Natural Law is invincible. If the military can gain alliance with the invincible power of Natural Law, then it will never be weak and no one would ever dare to attack the military. The nation will enjoy 'Victory before War'.

My programme to create a Prevention Wing in every military will raise the military to the indomitable power of invincibility with the natural ability to prevent the birth of an enemy. With a Prevention Wing established in every military, every nation will enjoy an invincible armour of defence and the whole family of nations will enjoy a permanent state of world peace.

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