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Third International Conference on Invincible Defense: Raising Military Strength to Invincibility through Creation of the Maharishi Prevention Wing in the Military

Page 13: Appreciation of Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense and the Need for a Prevention Wing in the Military by the Conference Participants

Lieutenant General KRIVONOGIKH Vladimir Alexandrovich

Lieutenant General KRIVONOGIKH Vladimir Alexandrovich

Vice-Commander of the Headquarters for Military Cooperation of the CIS Countries

"We think that the creation of a Prevention Wing in the military of each country is very necessary. We are now thinking how should we do it....

"One of our major priorities is creating a peace process in the region and this we think is also in the same direction of creating the Prevention Wing in the military. Presently our headquarters is the only institution in the CIS countries which can really give expert advice and make expert decisions on creating a peace process.

"The activity of our headquarters is to settle conflicts....We also have to mention that this peacemaking operation has some peculiarities. For example, we are planning these peace-making operations in the atmosphere of continuing conflicts.

"Another point is that there is no political agreement between the conflicting parties and they also constantly break the agreements. Also, another point is that all parties have huge amounts of arms. Peacemaking operations organized by the United Nations, the countries that are neighbouring the conflicting countries, are not attracted to this kind of operation....

"We must admit that from our experience the activities of the United Nations demonstrate that we can not settle conflicts only with armed forces. Political, economical, and other methods of solving these conflicts should be used. Considering all these circumstances and the situation I just described, the creation of a Prevention Wing in our military, would be very necessary....

"The opinion of our delegation is that this programme is a very good programme, but we have to think about how to use it in the varying conditions of each country....

"I think as soon as my colleagues come back to their countries they will report to their commanders about the results of this conference. First of all it would be to the Ministry of Defence. So through them the political leaders will be informed and they will make the decision to implement the programme."

Colonel General SMIRNOV Evgeniy Kirillovich

Colonel General SMIRNOV Evgeniy Kirillovich

Representative of the Defence Forces of Russia

"I would like to add a few we are getting involved and are trying to understand the essence of Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defense and the creation of a Prevention Wing. It would be good to try this theory and practice in our home country.

"We know that there wasn't any force or religion in the past that could prevent any war. And now we think, 'why don't we try to apply human resources?' That we can do on the basis of Maharishi's theory.

"What we can do is that we can recommend, we will report through our military leadership to our political leadership about the necessity to test and try this theory and practice. And we'll see what it can do in our specific conditions. And as for the amount of people...we'll have to study it and think about how we can apply it to our specific, local conditions with regard to our resources."

Lieutenant General TCHIKOVANI Vladimir Okropirovich

Lieutenant General TCHIKOVANI Vladimir Okropirovich

Representative of the Defence Forces of Georgia

"Maharishi's teaching is not known to most people. It is a very fine science. It offers big opportunities in the field of medicine, physics, and quantum mechanics. And of course people can learn from this theory about creation as Maharishi views it.

"I have decided for myself that Maharishi's theory is very scientific and very natural....
will recommend to my leadership to start implementing this theory but it has to be done slowly and naturally by using small groups, maybe one, two per cent and then maybe our country will become as beautiful and prosperous as this country where the flowers come from.

"As I am leaving, I feel very grateful to this institute and I am bringing with me the most valuable luggage—my knowledge, the understanding of the theory and I will try to make it serve best for my people.

Lieutenant General TCHIKOVANI Vladimir Okropirovich

Captain of the First Rank ALIMARDANOV Bakhtiyar Lyatifovich

Representative of the Defence Forces of Azerbaijan

"We feel that the basic principles of the theory are in tune with our own convictions, ideas and thoughts. Your theory is deeply connected with the events in our region, in our countries. Its implementation is very necessary for our countries.

"But along with that we are completely aware of the difficulties which your followers may encounter. In the situation when there are opposing parties the mutual misunderstandings and depth of conflict is too big. But there is no alternative to your theory.

"So I share your opinion and I share the thoughts of my colleague from Mali, his envisioning of the difficulties. And I think it's worth while to achieve this goal which we put for ourselves, to join the efforts of public organizations, the organizations of security and cooperation in Europe who are offering peacemaking efforts for calming down the conflicts."

Major General MAKSIMCHIK Oleg Konstantinovich

Major General MAKSIMCHIK Oleg Konstantinovich

Representative of the Defence Forces of Belarus

"During all my military service I never encountered any theory like this. I don't have any experience in this area and I can only admire your high professional skills and scientific knowledge in this area.

"During this Conference we have report about it to our leadership when we come back to our republics. We'll try to get them interested in this theory of these great scientists and to make your nation healthy is the best purpose for any leader. When I come back to my country I will report to my superiors what broad possibilities this technique can offer us."

Major General AROUTYUNYAN Vagarshak Varnazovich

Major General AROUTYUNYAN Vagarshak Varnazovich

Representative of the Defence Forces of Armenia

I consider myself very lucky having become a participant of this Conference. My opinion of world problems has been influenced by Maharishi's theory.

"In Azerbaijan there is a conflict in the area of Karabach. It started slowly and has developed and spread and has become very violent and bloody as my colleague from Azerbaijan mentioned. We had a peace-agreement that was made on 17 May in Moscow. The conflict was finished and there were no military observers or any peace-making forces there. Why did it happen in such a way, why did the conflict stop? Because both parties have understood that nobody can win in this war...Of course had we applied Maharishi's theory earlier, we wouldn't have had this conflict and would have been able to avoid all the tragedies that we saw in this region.

"My personal attitude of this Conference and of this theory is that this is the theory of the future. And we, the people who can influence it, will try to do our best to make this future come tomorrow, I completely agree with my colleague from Kazakhstan that it is necessary that this Prevention Wing be created in all the countries. As Maharishi says, "If there is a country which does not have this Prevention Wing, then that would be a threat to the rest of the world."...

"We have to get involved in different kinds of activities which would make people who make decisions understand this theory. And then we have to popularize this theory to all the population."

Major General AGAFONOV Aleksey Alekseyevich

Major General AGAFONOV Aleksey Alekseyevich

Representative of the Defence Forces of Kazakhsta

"The third day of our conference brought us very interesting scientific reports. I listened to it very carefully and I came to the conclusion that this Absolute Theory of Defense is very necessary. I appreciate that the goal is for all humanity and it demonstrates the best human qualities, like non-aggressiveness and desire for peace....

"We need to involve the political leaders. Also the majority of the country has to have knowledge and practise this type of meditation....I think, of course, that we have to implement this program."

Major General NIYAZOV Farroukh Rakhmanovich

Major General NIYAZOV Farroukh Rakhmanovich

Representative of the Defence Forces of Tajikistan

"...the experience of Mozambique showed us that [the effect of the Prevention Wing] is very real because there is peace in that country. So I would suggest to all the people of this University to come to these southern regions, like Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and our country.

"Everyone here remembers the consequences of World War II and looking at what is going on around right now I can see that it might lead to the Third World War and that's what the theory of Maharishi shows us also. So we understand the situation of everything that is happening in our part of the world.

"The head of our delegation mentioned that this conflict territory includes already thirty million people. And if we add all the conflicts and the number of people it would be a huge amount. An example of how the direction of all this can be changed: the civil war in Afghanistan has been going on for fifteen years and someone born fifteen years ago is bearing arms right now. Maybe we can reverse that process and maybe we can make that boy hold a pen in his hand instead of a gun.

"My colleagues and I were very impressed with the conference and we are expecting positive results. As soon as we come back home we will inform our superiors and we think that our commanders will understand it correctly.

"Speaking for myself I will say I am taking with me part of the spirit of the conference because I believe that the whole is made out of parts and I am taking the part with me and we'll try to create the whole to create peace in our region."

Colonel GLUSHKO Alexei Nicholayevich

Colonel GLUSHKO Alexei Nicholayevich

Representative of the Ministry of Defence of Russia

"It was a great joy for me to be present at this Conference. At this time, medical people are most concerned about the present situation. It is very characteristic that the principle of this theory of prevention is based on medical considerations....

"All the scientific data and proofs should be presented to the leaders of the nation to take decision on this issue....

"Our military medicine makes great efforts for the restoration of a very healthy normal state of mind of the people who come to the army. We also have to take care of those people who take part in peacekeeping forces, resolving all the conflicts which exist in our country.

"As a military doctor I consider Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation program to be of very great value to the restoration of individual health....

"I also would like the medical military people working with me to learn this technique, this method of correcting the psychology and mental state of people. As we were told in this Conference the Yogic Flying greatly transforms the personality and changes the state of a person...

His Excellency Albert MBONERANE

His Excellency Albert MBONERANE

Ambassador of Burundi to Germany

"I would like to express my gratitude towards His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his eminent collaborators on the organization of this Conference, which aims to promote a new ethic of peace based on respect of Natural Law.

"Human brains have designed and constructed war machines which are destroying the benefits and beauty of creation, starting with man himself. We should feel very happy to see that Nature has produced other experts which use their knowledge for the service of mankind, for world peace. This is the value of this theory.

"Since its independence in 1962, my country, Burundi, has known cyclical inter-ethnic conflicts which the army has always repressed—very often unfortunately with a lot of violence....

"So it is with this in view that I appreciate so much the theory of Invincible Defense. The army of Burundi should integrate this training as a new dimension for a strategy of defence. This Prevention Wing could be a new element, where the army could find a new source of energy in order to remain vigilant.

"Therefore it will be the role of the people in charge of politics and the army, those people who have the responsibility to guarantee the safety and well-being of the whole nation to appreciate the opportunity to initiate this program, which, I am sure, will produce a very positive effect if initiated with wisdom and the greatest interest of the people.

"As far as I am concerned, I will engage myself to inform the highest authorities of the country to encourage them to take this beautiful risk to prevent conflicts by utilizing the human resources of our country....

"This force which has brought Generals of armies to sit together, talking about peace—without thinking at any time about military strategies, which are based on the development of war, war weapons, or war arsenals—it is this message of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to put armies to the service of peace and not to the service of war, which will create a revolution at the end of this century. Maybe, armies will finally start to be quiet, to let the people enjoy the bliss of creation."

Lieutenant Colonel Yaya OUATTARA

Lieutenant Colonel Yaya OUATTARA

Representative of the Ministry of Armed Forces and Veterans of Mali

"I would like to thank all the very eminent scientists who have been willing to give us all this knowledge, during these conferences. During these talks and speeches we have had the feeling that the Absolute Theory of Defense is based on a very strong ground....

"The scientific exposition has been a way to show us how well-founded is the Absolute Theory of Defense....

"What is very important, which we would like to emphasize, is that this project is a noble cause. This theory of defence is a very noble cause which will result in peace in the world. Concerning the situation of my country, Mali, we have said at the beginning of the conference, that my country has been through a very hard time of conflict. We have also emphasized the situation of my country today, which even though it is stable and calm, is not far from an explosion.

"That is why we consider that the Absolute Theory of Defense, which could bring harmony within the armed forces, and also in the country, is very welcome for us. As it concerns me, myself, I wish deeply to inform the higher authorities of my country.

"We measure in a very high value the very high responsibility which is there on our shoulders today. We came to this conference; we learned. The other people don't know. In our own soul we know that this can bring something to our own country and to the whole world. We feel that we have task of involving ourselves in that project, to bring something positive....

"We feel that we have a very important task to bring this knowledge to the decision-makers of the country even though they are politicians.

"We think that within the armed forces, the implementation of the project would not be a problem on a practical level. We think that it is completely possible because it can be as easy as implementing a new sport-unit in the army....

"I would wish that everyone, all the different countries represented here, will take advantage of this theory to be implemented in their own country."

Colonel Jean-Claude NDIYO

Colonel Jean-Claude NDIYO

Defence Attaché of the Embassies of Burundi to France and Germany

"If I had to do it, I would first start to organize the team of teachers...very high officers would be selected...and these officers should be selected and sent to Maharishi Vedic University in Holland to be trained to become teachers.

The idea would be to introduce this project in our different military training schools....
"So by introducing this method to the young minds who are very flexible, it will create a very strong effect."

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