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John Fagan, Ph.D., is a molecular biologist who spent more than two decades using recombinant DNA techniques in his own research. He has received over $2.5 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including a Research Career Development Award from the National Cancer Institute of NIH. More than thirty of his papers have been published in leading journals, including Molecular and Cellular Biology, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry.

In 1994 took Dr. Fagan an ethical stand against germ-line genetic engineering and renounced $1.8 million in further grants. Since that time, Dr. Fagan has travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia speaking on the hazards of genetic engineering and genetically engineered foods.

John Fagan's Book

Genetic Engineering: The Hazards
Vedic Engineering: The Solutions
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This book exposes the real story regarding genetic engineering, revealing that this approach is superficial, incomplete and hazardous, and at best, offers partial, temporary fixes, over-promoted bandaids that cause more harm than good.

It documents how proponents blatantly inflate the potential contributions of genetic engineering, while at the same time understating its extremely grave hazards to health, agriculture, and the environment.

This highly readable book also provides the essentials that each one of us needs to know to protect ourselves, our families, and our planet from these dangers.

Finally, this book offers alternatives-powerful, scientifically validated technologies that you, your physician, and the farmers who grow our food can begin using today to solve the problems that genetic engineers aspire unrealistically to address. These technologies—Maharishi's Vedic Engineering—use the most fundamental laws of nature to naturally and thoroughly solve our health, agricultural and environmental problems.

Dr. Fagan's action is "remarkable for a researcher who had succeeded in one of the most productive and competitive scientific disciplines." —The Boston Globe

172 page book, $12.00