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An Important Message for All Military Leaders

Dr. John Hagelin

Dr. John Hagelin
Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy

This is a complete, edited transcription (with slides) of the video. View the video now.

This is an important message for all military leaders, all commanders in chief, and all those responsible for the national security and defense of their countries. A proven new technology of defense is now available—a technology of national security, fully capable of raising any country, no matter how small, to true invincibility.

This new technology of defense is based upon the latest discoveries in the fields of physics, neuroscience, and physiology. Ultimately, it is based on the discovery of the unified field of all the laws of nature—the most fundamental and powerful level of nature’s dynamics. Technologies based upon this unified field of natural law have such concentrated power that they can render obsolete and irrelevant every previous objective technology and destructive means of defense. This new technology is easily applied, highly cost-effective, and can literally raise any country to invincibility—absolute invulnerability to attack or any form of disruption from within the country or outside the country.

Figure 1. The Discovery of the Unified Field at the Foundation of Modern Physics

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Modern science has probed deeper levels of nature’s functioning, from the macroscopic world of classical physics to the world of the atom, then to the underlying field of the nucleus, then to the subnuclear levels of nature’s functioning. This exploration has culminated in the discovery of the unified field, the unified source of the diversified laws of nature governing the universe (see Figure 1 above). From its purely self-interacting dynamics, the unified field creates from within itself all the particles and forces that compose the universe, and all the diversified streams of natural law governing the nuclear, atomic, molecular, and macroscopic levels.

Because this unified field is vastly more powerful than any other level of nature’s dynamics, a technology of defense based upon the unified field is of historic importance. It will completely change the whole science and technology of defense.

Let me first emphasize that the discovery of the unified field is not a philosophical development. It is a scientific development of the foremost order—a rigorous mathematical development based upon the Lagrangian of the unified field, a highly compact mathematical formula that describes the self-interacting dynamics of unity at the basis of all the diverse laws of nature governing the universe. From the simple, compact formula shown at the top of Figure 2 (below), one can systematically derive all the emerging laws of nature that are the subjects of study in different scientific disciplines. For example, at the bottom of Figure 2, we see the supersymmetric grand unified field theory emerging from the Lagrangian of the superstring through a series of rigorous mathematical transformations that allow us to derive the grand unified level from the dynamics of the superstring.

Figure 2. The Lagrangian (Formula) of the Unified Field, or "Superstring"

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A technology based upon this complete, most comprehensive level of nature’s functioning is completely different from all previous defensive technologies based upon diversified levels of natural law—nuclear technologies, chemical technologies, biological technologies, electronic technologies—because these all utilize specific laws of nature in isolation. Not being holistic, they all have been accompanied by unforeseen negative side effects, such as the toxicants of nuclear power.

The technology of the unified field, however, is vastly more powerful than any previous level of defensive technology. The unique power of the unified field and of technologies of the unified field reveals that invincibility in nature is only available at the superunified scale. Figure 3 (below) shows the hierarchical structure of natural law, from fundamentally unified to superficially diverse at the macroscopic levels of nature’s functioning, and reveals that invincibility is not found at any of the more superficial levels of natural law. Invincibility in nature only exists at the level of the unified field.

Figure 3. Invincibility is Only Available on the Level of the Unified Field

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Any defense strategist today understands that more fundamental, more powerful levels of nature’s functioning offer technologies that are increasingly powerful. For example, a country armed only with chemical weaponry, such as explosives, cannot protect itself against a nation equipped with nuclear weaponry, simply because nuclear weaponry is vastly more powerful.

But it is important to understand why nuclear weaponry is more powerful. The quantum principle, or uncertainty principle, states that dynamism increases at more fundamental scales: more precisely, the energy associated with a physical process is inversely proportional to the distance scale or time scale associated with that process. That’s why nuclear power, associated with transitions at the nuclear scale, is a million times more powerful than chemical technologies based upon transformations at the molecular scale. The atomic nucleus is a million times smaller and hence a million times more powerful than the chemical or molecular level.

How does this principle relate to invincibility? Let us take, for example, the most impregnable, most invincible structure known to man at the chemical level: the structure of a diamond lattice. This most tightly packed crystalline lattice of carbon atoms is considered to be an invincible structure on the chemical level. Nothing else can even scratch the surface of a diamond.

However, if the diamond lattice of carbon atoms contains a contamination of radioactive atoms—so-called Carbon-12, whose nuclei are unstable against beta decay—then when one of these carbon nuclei inevitably decays, the entire crystalline structure is easily shattered. This happens because the binding energy of the carbon atoms in the lattice is typical one electron volt, but the energy liberated by a nuclear transition within the lattice is millions of electron volts. And hence, the previously impregnable structure of the diamond lattice is easily shattered from a deeper level of nature’s functioning.

Similarly, we can take the most invincible structure at the nuclear level of nature’s functioning: the iron nucleus, which is the mostly tightly packed and tightly bound of all nuclei. An iron nucleus can survive even a nuclear explosion. However, the iron nucleus is composed of nucleons— protons and neutrons. Each nucleon can decay through the action of what are called the grand unified X and Y leptoquark gauge bosons—that is, through nature’s functioning at the grand unified level. Grand unified forces have the capability to transform a proton within the iron nucleus into a spray of electromagnetic energy, liberating literally billions of electron volts and easily shattering the integrity of the iron nucleus. Therefore, an impregnable structure at the nuclear level—the iron nucleus—is easily overwhelmed by a phenomenon at the grand unified level, which is a thousand million million times more fundamental than the nuclear level.

The principle here is that an invincible structure at one level of technology can be easily overwhelmed by a more fundamental level of technology. The ultimate application of this basic principle is that the unified field, at the superunified scale—the Planck scale of nature’s functioning, which is ten thousand times more fundamental and more powerful even than the grand unified forces—is completely invincible. Any previous level of technology, including all technologies of defense, is easily overwhelmed and rendered obsolete and irrelevant through a technology of the unified field. And it is just such a technology that we are presenting to leaders in the field of defense today.

At this point, an intelligent reader might ask, “Is such a technology of the unified field safe?” The development of nuclear power has threatened humankind with nuclear conflagration and has cast a shadow over the safety and security of the whole world. What potential dangers could accompany a technology of the unified field, which is a thousand million million times more powerful?

Fortunately, there is no danger to humankind from these technologies of the unified field. As shown in Figure 3, a technology of the unified field operates at the basis of the laws of nature governing the universe—at a completely unified and holistic level of nature’s functioning. Because this level of natural law is holistic, it is naturally free of the negative, unanticipated side effects that accompany technologies based upon fragmented levels of natural law.

The unified field is the unified source of all the laws of nature governing the universe. It is a field of purely life-supporting, life-nourishing influence that gave rise to all life and all forms and phenomena in the universe. From that unified level, only life-supporting effects are possible—as confirmed now by over 600 scientific studies that have explored the effects of this technology of the unified field on individual life and on the life of society. These studies have found only life-supporting, life-nourishing, holistically positive benefits, as you would expect, based upon the holistic nature of the technology involved.

Let us consider now the special nature of these technologies of the unified field in order to understand practically how this field can be applied for the benefit of life and to achieve national security and invincibility.

To understand the application of the unified field, it is important to understand its fundamental nature. And the fundamental qualities of the unified field identify it with the field of intelligence—the field of consciousness. These qualities can be systematically derived mathematically through analysis of the Lagrangian of the unified field—through analysis of the mathematics of the structure and self-interacting dynamics of this field of unity, as shown in Figure 4 (below). But let me just focus on two or three of these fundamental qualities that identify this unified field unambiguously as a field of consciousness, a field of universal intelligence.

Figure 4. The Qualities of the Unified Field are the Qualities of Consciousness

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First, let’s recall that the unified field is the unified source, the fountainhead, of all the laws of nature governing the universe. These laws of nature are orderly, intelligent principles, and for the last 300 years, modern science has studied and enumerated them. The fundamental premise of our scientific age is that the world is governed by laws of nature―intelligent, orderly principles—and therefore is predictable, knowable, and comprehensible to the mind.

So if the laws of nature governing the universe are the principles of intelligence behind the functioning of nature, and if the unified field is the unified fountainhead of all these diverse laws of nature, then the unified field must itself be the most concentrated field of intelligence in nature. And this can be confirmed mathematically, as we saw earlier in the Lagrangian formula (Figure 2). The Lagrangian shows that all the intelligent principles governing the universe—including the laws governing the grand unified, electroweak unified, atomic, molecular, macroscopic, astrophysical, and cosmological levels of creation—can be systematically derived from the unified field through a process of sequential unfoldment known as spontaneous symmetry breaking.

So we’ve established, mathematically, that the unified field is a field of intelligence. But it is not a field of static or inert intelligence; it’s a field of dynamic intelligence. We have already seen from the quantum principle that dynamism increases at more fundamental levels of nature. By this same principle, the unified field—being the ultimate distance scale of nature, the Planck scale of nature’s functioning—is virtually infinitely dynamic in its nature. So the unified field is a dynamic field of intelligence. It is self-aware, self-interacting, and self-referral. And this property of self-referral, or self-awareness, is the defining characteristic of consciousness.

Let me explain this quality of self-referral more completely. If we look again at Figure 1, we see that all the fields of nature, all the particles and forces, emerge from the unified field. But some of these more expressed fields—like the electromagnetic field, shown toward the bottom left of the figure—do not possess this lively quality of self-referral or self-interaction. Two flashlight beams, for example, will pass right through each other with no scattering, no interaction—no awareness of each other’s presence. Light is not aware of light; the field of light, the field of electromagnetism, is not self-aware. But in contrast, the unified field, or superstring field, is a completely self-referral, self-aware field—a completely self-interacting field, as Figure 1 shows—because at that fundamentally unified level of natural law, there is nothing else for the unified field to interact with. The unified field interacts with itself alone; it responds dynamically to its own presence. And this self-interaction systematically leads to the emergence of all the diversity of the universe.

So the unified field, or superstring field, is an infinitely dynamic field of self-aware, self-interacting intelligence. And self-aware dynamics, self-interacting intelligence, is consciousness—the defining characteristic of consciousness. So through the mathematical approach of modern physics, we have identified the unified field with the field of consciousness—a field of universal intelligence, the unity at the basis of all diversity.

Having established that the unified field is a field of consciousness, what is the technology to access and apply it? That technology utilizes the most sophisticated machinery in the universe: the human nervous system. This machinery has access to the field of consciousness and, with proper training, can directly experience and explore this unified level of consciousness at the deepest level of mind.

Figure 5. The Unified Field Lies at the Basis of Consciousness and Matter

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This capability is the basis of the world’s traditions of meditation. Properly understood and property practiced, meditation, as understood throughout the ages, has been a systematic technology to turn human awareness within to experience and explore finer levels of thought (see Figure 5). And the experience of these deeper levels of human intelligence corresponds to the experience of deeper levels of intelligence in nature. This inward exploration of consciousness culminates in the direct experience of the deepest level of consciousness—this simplest, silent, settled state of human awareness, sometimes called the state of pure consciousness—in which the human mind identifies with the unified field. By turning the attention systematically within, human awareness experiences and explores deeper levels of nature’s functioning and directly experiences the unified field at the source of thought—the field of unity at the basis of mind and matter.

This approach of direct experience of the unified field is both ancient and modern. The Vedic tradition of knowledge, from ancient India, is the most complete and highly developed tradition of meditation in the world. And yet this ancient approach of gaining knowledge and experience of natural law, the unified field, has also become the focus of intense scientific research over the past 50 years. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has revived, from the ancient Vedic science of consciousness, systematic technologies for experience of the unified field, including the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced techniques. These Vedic technologies of consciousness, as revived by Maharishi, have become the world’s most widely practiced, extensively researched, and broadly prescribed by doctors of any program of meditation in the world—indeed, of any program for the promotion of full human potential. These techniques, again, systematically lead the attention within to experience the unified field—and it is this experience that harnesses and mobilizes the unified field for practical application in the life of the individual and in the life of society.

The innate capability of the human brain to experience the unified field through these meditation programs has been validated in many, many ways. It is validated in the direct experience of millions of people who practice Transcendental Meditation regularly twice a day and gain experiential confirmation through the direct experience of unity, of universal intelligence at the basis of mind and matter. It is confirmed through an abundance of scientific research showing the completely holistic, life-supporting benefits of this experience of the unified field for all aspects of health, learning, brain development, and behavior. More than 600 published scientific studies, conducted by over 250 independent universities and research institutes in 35 countries, make this technology of consciousness the world’s most extensively proven technology for the full development of human potential. All these wide-ranging, purely positive benefits are a testimony to the unified, holistic nature of the unified field and its technologies.

Figure 6. Yogic Flying Confirms that Human Awareness Can Function from the Level of the Unified Field

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Another testimony, as shown in Figure 6 (above), is the practice of Yogic Flying—a very advanced and very powerful technology of the unified field revived from the Vedic literature by Maharishi. In this technique, a mere impulse of thought projected from the superunified scale, from the level of pure consciousness, mobilizes the laws of nature in such a way that the body spontaneously lifts up and rises into the air. This superunified level of natural law is the field of quantum gravity, and only from the field of quantum gravity can the classical laws of gravity be commanded. The fact that the body lifts in the air in apparent violation of the laws of nature shows that human awareness is capable of functioning at an even more fundamental level of gravity, the level of quantum gravity, which is the level of the unified field.

So the phenomenon of Yogic Flying, where the body spontaneously lifts up by a mere impulse of thought, is a direct empirical confirmation of the innate ability of human awareness to function from the level of the unified field. That phenomenon is confirmed mathematically in Einstein’s general relativistic field equations (see Figure 7, below), which show how an impulse at the level of the unified field gives command over gravity.

Figure 7. Einstein’s Equations with Cosmological Constant Allow Command Over Gravity from the Level of the Unified Field

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This simple formula shows the curvature of space, Gμν, on the left—which is the gravitational force that controls the motion of the body, or the stress energy tensor of the body, Tμν, in the middle of the equation. This force of gravity is influenced, and in turn the body is influenced, through the introduction of an impulse at the level of the unified field, shown on the right-hand side of this equation in the term gμν, the metric tensor, multiplied by Λ, the so-called cosmological constant. This cosmological constant is a manifestation of a level of nature’s functioning that is beyond space, beyond time, beyond particle, beyond force, and beyond energy. It’s a purely unmanifest impulse at the level of the unified field that is given the name quintessence in the language of modern science—but it shows how an impulse at the level of unity influences the curvature of space-time, Gμν, and in turn can cause the body to rise in the air. These mathematics simply demonstrate how human awareness, properly trained through these advanced technologies of consciousness derived from Vedic science, can gain access to and control of this most fundamental level of natural law—the unified field at the basis of all the laws of nature governing the universe.

Now before we examine the impact of this technology on society, let us first look at the effect of this experience on the individual, and in particular, on individual brain functioning.

Modern physiological science identifies the experience of pure consciousness, the unified field, as a fourth major state of human consciousness, distinct from waking, dreaming, or deep sleep. This fourth state of consciousness has a completely different subjective structure than waking experience, for example, because waking consciousness is a diversified state of consciousness and is always characterized by the presence of a knower (or consciousness), an object of knowledge (whether concrete or subtle), and a process of knowing that connects the knower with the known. That threefold structure, which is the defining characteristic of waking consciousness, is transcended in this fourth state of consciousness, which is a unified state of consciousness in which the knower, knowing, and known are united in one self-aware structure of consciousness—consciousness aware of itself. Physiologically, this fourth state of consciousness is characterized by a profound state of rest, much deeper than sleep—a marked reduction in metabolic activity of the body—and a profound state of coherence or alertness in the mind.

Figure 8. Global Brainwave (EEG) Coherence During Experience of the Unified Field in the Meditative State

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Figure 8 (above) shows the effect on the electrical activity of the brain of this experience of the unified field within during this fourth state of human consciousness. At the top of the figure is a top view of the brain, and at the bottom is a frontal view of the brain. The small dots positioned on the scalp indicate the location of electrodes measuring the electrical signals of the brain. In a few places, we see bars connecting these dots, indicating that these neighboring points in the brain are communicating with each other—that is, that there is coherent, correlated, integrated functioning among neighboring regions of the brain. But on the left-hand side of the chart—in agitated, normal waking consciousness—we see very little such coherence.

In contrast, on the right-hand side of the chart, we see the very same individual, three months later. And this individual is now practicing Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation program. In this case, we see the same electrodes measuring the electrical activity of the brain, but now there are bars connecting virtually every single electrode—indicating that the entire brain now is communicating and functioning in a highly correlated and integrated way. We see strong correlation between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, between the frontal and occipital lobes of the brain, and between the temporal and parietal lobes of the brain, such that the entire brain is functioning in concert.

This finding in itself is a scientific breakthrough of the foremost magnitude. In Transcendental Meditation, we have a very simple, universal practice, practiced 20 minutes twice a day, that develops the integrated functioning of the brain. This integrated functioning is of paramount importance, because coherent brain functioning correlates scientifically with rising IQ, increased intelligence, increased creativity, improved academic performance and learning ability, increased moral reasoning, improved psychological stability, increased emotional maturity, and improved alertness and reaction time (see Figure 9, below). Everything good about the brain depends on its orderly functioning. And today, orderly brain functioning can be systematically developed in anyone—in any student or any individual of any age—just through direct experience of the unified field, which brings integrated, or unified, functioning of the brain.

Figure 9. Global EEG Coherence Correlates with Optimal Brain Functioning

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One very important application of this increasingly integrated brain functioning is in the field of education. Education today does not develop the integrated functioning of the brain, simply because nothing in the current conventional curriculum engages the total brain. Specific fields of academic study, such as physics, mathematics, literature, the arts, and music—different activities of learning—engage small fractions of the brain, but none engage the total brain, and therefore they do not develop the brain holistically.

Figure 10. SPECT Brain Image Showing Functional Holes in the Prefrontal Cortex

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Figure 10 shows the frequent result of this fragmented educational experience. Here we see two brain scans: a normal brain on the left, and the brain of a violent person on the right. These are actual images of the brain, looking up from underneath, with the front of the brain shown at the top. In the image on the right, the violent brain appears to be filled with holes. These aren’t actual holes in the physical brain matter of the brain, but instead are functional holes—parts of the brain that are not actively firing or participating in our moment-by-moment experience. This very fractured and fragmented brain physiology bears no resemblance to the holistic development of brain’s innate potential, which is truly vast in comparison to what education normally delivers.

Of greatest concern is the apparent clustering of these functional holes in the critical prefrontal cortex at the front of the brain, shown at the top of the brain scan on the right in Figure 10 (above). The prefrontal cortex is called the “higher brain.” It’s responsible for all of our higher human functions—for moral reasoning, for judgment, for planning, for the ability to consider the implications of one’s actions. But here we see that the prefrontal cortex is not properly developed—it is filled with functional holes. This outcome is due, in part, to the fragmented nature of conventional education today, but it is also due to stress—stress in the classroom, stress that pervades our urban environments, stress that pervades so many areas of the world.

The prefrontal cortex is also called the CEO, or chief executive officer, of the brain, because it sits over the rest of the brain and exerts executive control. It organizes and controls the brain. It acts as our rational filter against primitive, impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior. Under stress, the prefrontal cortex shuts down, as it must: in a stressful situation such as a fire, where you have to respond immediately, it’s not the time to philosophize; it’s the time to move. But under chronic stress, the prefrontal cortex shuts down chronically and fails to develop normally.

Ordinarily, the higher brain develops between adolescence and the age of 25. After the age of 25, no more development of the higher brain is generally considered possible. This higher brain development is what distinguishes adults, who have control over their actions, from children, who don’t. But violent prisoners and criminals do not have such executive control. They have functional holes in the prefrontal cortex, due to a lack proper development of the higher brain.

Now, because of stress throughout society, because of inadequate education, much of our adult population fails to properly develop the prefrontal cortex. Consequently, to some degree, we are living in an adolescent society. And any examination of the tensions, the violence, and the immature, short-sighted behavior throughout the world will confirm this. All these behaviors are due to the lack of proper brain development.

With Transcendental Meditation, this technology of direct experience of the unified field, we can promote balanced brain development. As we saw a moment ago, stress shuts down the higher brain and prevents it from developing properly. But as shown in Figure 11 (below), Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation significantly reduces stress and reverses its deleterious effects—a vitally important outcome for proper brain development.

Figure 11. Meta-analysis: Effective Reduction of Stress and Anxiety through Transcendental Meditation

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This study is important because it is a meta-analysis of 146 previously published studies. It shows that Transcendental Meditation is more than twice as effective at reducing stress as any other approach ever studied by science. Other relaxation programs, meditation programs, progressive muscle relaxation, biofeedback, etc. are not particularly effective, even in comparison to placebo. But in contrast to these approaches, Transcendental Meditation is profoundly effective at reducing the effects of stress and its negative impact on brain development.

Figure 12. Decreased Rate of Hospital Admissions Among Subjects Practicing Transcendental Meditation

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One direct consequence of this reduction in stress is shown in Figure 12 (above), which documents the remarkable benefits to human health as a result of twice-daily practice of this technology of the unified field—Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation. This chart summarizes a study on thousands of Blue Cross/Blue Shield subscribers, and shows marked reduction in hospital admissions for disease in every major category of illness, including an 87% reduction for heart disease, a 93% reduction for diseases of the nervous system, and so forth.

Today we can understand how one simple, powerful approach of Transcendental Meditation could have such broad-ranging impact on health. According to the U.S. government, the vast majority of disease is caused or severely complicated by stress. So elimination of the deleterious effects of stress through the profound rest gained by Transcendental Meditation will naturally prevent and reverse all stress-related illnesses. And this reduction of stress will allow for the proper development of the brain.

Transcendental Meditation does much more than release stress, of course. It also directly activates the entire brain, including the prefrontal cortex, and it integrates the prefrontal cortex with the rest of the brain so that the whole brain functions in concert. And because so much crime, terrorism, and war are caused by stressed, underdeveloped brains, this integrated or unified brain functioning is obviously important for a secure and peaceful world. Balanced brain development, which is easily achieved through this technology of the unified field as applied to education, is the basis for productive, properly developed citizens—citizens who have properly functioning, fully developed brains. And law-abiding, life-supporting citizens are clearly the basis of a law-abiding, life-supporting society.

Let us consider now the key point of this presentation, which is the application of this technology of the unified field—this technology to experience the most fundamental and powerful level of nature’s functioning—to society, to national defense, and to invincibility.

Fundamentally, the application of this technology of the unified field, through the individual nervous systems of individual citizens, enlivens unity in the collective consciousness of society. Unified brain functioning, integrated brain functioning, is the basis of an integrated society, and this experience of unity at the basis of the mind enlivens unity in the collective consciousness of society. And a unified, integrated society is an indomitably strong society. So the application of the unified field to society is principally through individual and collective practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, which enliven integrated brain functioning and thereby render the collective consciousness of the society integrated and strong, indomitably coherent, and free from any disruptive or perturbing elements.

Here is a very simple description that will allow us, I think, to intuitively see the direct application of what we have described so far to society, to defense, to invincibility. And then we will go more deeply into the fundamental principles that support this finding.

We have seen that individual stress is the cause of so much stress-related disease and stress-related behavior: stroke, hypertension, heart disease, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and violent behavior are all the result of stress in individual brain functioning. Similarly, a society composed of stressed individuals will be a stressed society, characterized by stress-related illnesses, crime, violence, terrorism, and even war. On the other hand, we have seen that Transcendental Meditation, this technology of the unified field, effectively dissolves individual stress, prevents stress-related illness and stress-induced behavior, and promotes life-supporting behavior, according to extensive published medical research. We have seen these results on the individual level. Since individuals are the units of society, it follows that, on a collective level, the practice of this technology of the unified field will dissolve collective stress and promote societal behavior in harmony with natural law—creating a stress-free, problem-free, crime-free, disease-free society.

Individual coherent brain functioning is the basis of an integrated, coherent society: this is simply a matter of common sense. But what is surprising and novel—and also fortunate for society, and of tremendous value to any military commander, head of state, or commander-in-chief—is the remarkable power of the collective practice of this technology of the unified field.

When groups of individuals collectively experience and stimulate the field of unity at the basis of mind and matter, they create a vastly more powerful impact on society than do individual meditators practicing this technology individually. When groups of experts in these peace-promoting technologies are gathered together, their influence on society is enormously enhanced. This outcome is an inevitable application of the simple, universal principle of constructive interference.

Figure 13. N-Squared Power of Constructive Interference

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Figure 13 shows three loudspeakers on the left, with each loudspeaker producing the same sound. These three sound waves come together to produce a combined wave that is three times as high as an individual wave from an individual loudspeaker. But the power or intensity of sound in that combined wave is not three times greater but nine times greater than the power of an individual wave—because the power of the wave is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the wave. This universal principle of constructive interference, or coherent superposition of amplitude, shows that the radiated power of coherent sources grows as the square of the number of radiators.

This principle leads us to expect, as experiments have confirmed, that when individuals collectively practice Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, and collectively stimulate the unified field, the waves of unity and positivity that they produce combine coherently—and, due to constructive interference, lead to a radiated influence of positivity and peace that is proportional to the square of the number of individual meditators. And since the inverse function to the square of a number is the square root, only the square root of the population of a society is needed to produce such a coherent, peaceful influence. Indeed, according to empirical research and abundant published scientific studies, only the square root of one percent of the population is empirically required to produce a very powerful, scientifically measurable influence of positivity and coherence that can profoundly reduce crime, reduce terrorism, prevent war, and even stop war in war-torn areas. Only the square root of one percent of a population, practicing this technology of the unified field together, is needed to produce this effect.

For the United States, for example, with a population of 300 million, only a little less than 2,000 such trained experts in this technology of the unified field are needed to produce a powerful influence of positivity for the entire nation—an influence that can neutralize negativity, prevent crime, prevent war, and render the country impervious to any disruption or any attack. For a smaller country like Holland, for example, only 400 such experts are enough to raise that country to a state of invincibility. But before describing the mechanism in more detail, let us first glance at just a few of the hundreds of studies that have been published on the individual and societal benefits of group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, particularly for reducing crime, terrorism, and war, and thereby rendering a country invincible.

Figure 14. Marked Reductions in Violent Crime in Washington, D.C., during Group Meditation Assembly (p < .0001)

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Figure 14 shows the results of a national demonstration project that took place in the summer of 1993 in the capital of the United States, which at the time was a city with very high crime. Several thousand meditators gathered in Washington, D.C., from around the world that summer to practice their technology of the unified field as a group. And in the context of this scientific experiment, the researchers studied crime rates—that is, violence in the city of Washington—and the reduction of violence through such group practice. This was a carefully controlled study, with a twenty-seven member scientific advisory board of scientific authors, including the FBI. And the police department in Washington, D.C., was also a collaborator on the study. But before the study took place, the chief of police was somewhat ambivalent about it. He went on television to say that he would gladly participate and commit the resources of his department, but he had some doubts: he said that it would take two feet of snow in the summertime to reduce violent crime in Washington, D.C., by more than 20%. (We had predicted 25%.) But as we see in Figure 14, halfway through the two-month study period, we had gathered a couple of thousand meditators and Yogic Flyers in Washington, D.C., who were practicing this program in groups. And what was observed was a marked and immediate drop in violent crime by 25%, as predicted in advance, and exactly as has been seen in more than 50 studies published to date. The likelihood that this drop in crime was due to chance is less than one part in ten thousand—an extremely highly statistically significant result.

Figure 15. Highly Significant Correlation Between Number of Meditators and Progress Towards Peace in the Middle East (from Journal of Conflict Resolution)

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An earlier study had examined the effect of such large group meditations on the prevention of violence and war in the Middle East (see Figure 15, above). Scientists assembled a group of 600–800 meditators in Jerusalem at the peak of the Lebanon War. And those scientists predicted in advance that such a group, practicing Yogic Flying together, would markedly reduce the level of war violence, war deaths, war injuries, and levels of conflict in the Middle East.

This was a two-month study in which the number of Yogic Flyers rose and fell according to how many were available to practice their program together on a given day. And that rise and fall in the numbers of Yogic Flyers is shown by the dotted line in Figure 15. In addition to the dotted line, the solid line in this figure shows progress toward peace in the Middle East, as measured by reductions in war deaths, war injuries, and so forth. And there is an obvious visual correlation or covariation between the number of meditators meditating as a group and the progress towards peace in the Middle East—including an average 70–80% reduction in war deaths and war-related injuries directly attributable to this coherence-creating group.

Again, this result is highly statistically significant. When this study was published in the prestigious Yale University Journal of Conflict Resolution, it created a firestorm in the field of criminology and peace-related research. The editors of the journal were so moved by the potential impact of this experiment—its implications for peace in the world and for national security—that they urged other scientific collaborations to repeat this study and examine the impact of group meditation on the war in the Middle East.

Figure 16. Seven Experimental Replications of Group Meditation Leading to Reduced War Violence in the Middle East

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So, for the next 2 1/4 years, seven additional scientific collaborations assembled groups of Yogic Flyers of different sizes in different vicinities of the Middle East conflict to examine the impact of group meditation on war. In every one of these studies, as shown in Figure 16 (above), a highly statistically significant reduction in war was observed—an average 78% reduction in war deaths and war-related injuries and improved progress towards peace. Every one of these studies, again, was highly statistically significant. And the combined significance of all these replications was one part in 1019, which means a possibility of less than one part in ten million million million that this reduction of war and prevention of violence and terrorism was due to chance. It could only be due to the group influence—the rising positivity and coherence produced by these coherence-creating groups of Yogic Flyers.

This phenomenon was predicted in advance by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and is known in the literature as the Maharishi Effect—the reduction of social violence, crime, and war through group practice of Yogic Flying, by accessing and stimulating the field of unity, the unified field within. This Maharishi Effect, on the basic of this research and much more, has become the world’s most widely studied, intensely scrutinized, and rigorously verified phenomenon in the history of the social sciences.

Let me conclude with a few principles that shed fundamental light on the mechanics of creating peace and national invincibility through this group dynamics of consciousness.

Figure 17. The Meissner Effect: A Superconductor Repels Disruptive Magnetic Fields

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The group dynamics of consciousness and the resulting increase in social invincibility—that is, the spontaneous prevention of violence and conflict—is really a straightforward application of the Meissner Effect, itself just a quantum enhancement of the third law of thermodynamics. The Meissner Effect, as shown in Figure 17 (above), is the spontaneous ability of a superconducting metal to expel any disruptive influence. On the right-hand side of the figure, we see a metal that has been supercooled to within a few degrees of absolute zero temperature. In this ultra-low temperature state, the thermal or randomizing influence is eliminated, and as a result, the atomic constituents of the superconductor are moving in harmony, in a high degree of coherence. This internal coherence renders the superconductor literally impermeable; disruptive thermal magnetic field lines are expelled and repelled from the interior of the superconductor. In marked contrast, on the left-hand side of the figure, we see an ordinary conductor at room temperature, where the randomizing thermal effects of temperature have caused chaotic motion and no internal coherence of the atomic subconstituents. In this randomized, low-coherence state, the conductor is easily penetrated by external magnetic field lines.

Figure 17 is simply an illustration of the deep principle of invincibility in nature through indomitable internal coherence. This same principle applies to a nation or indeed to any system. A nation is a collection of individual subconstituents—individual citizens. When the citizens are functioning coherently together, such a coherent society is impervious to disruption. It cannot be perturbed or disturbed by any disturbing influence from within or outside the borders of the country.

Figure 18. The National Meissner Effect: Coherent Collective Consciousness Prevents Disruption from Within or Outside the Nation

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Figure 18 (above) shows what we could call a national Meissner Effect, in which the disturbing influence from outside the country, whether a cultural disturbance or a military attack, is spontaneously repelled from the boundaries of the country. It is as though an impenetrable shield is constructed around the country when the internal coherence of the country is strong. So this inevitable outcome arises from the application of a deep scientific principle.

When a society, or a nation, becomes powerfully coherent within itself—when the enlivenment of the unified field, which is pure unity and positivity, is fully lively in the life of the people—then that nation radiates an influence of positivity and coherence and strength to its neighbors. And no neighboring country would ever act with negativity against a country that was so powerfully positive, so powerfully coherent, and that radiated such a nourishing influence. Consequently, potential enemies or adversaries in neighboring countries are, in effect, neutralized by the positivity radiating from the coherent country. In other words, it is not necessary, for national security, to destroy a country or destroy an enemy. Instead, through this technology of the unified field, you can destroy the enmity within a potential adversary; you can destroy the negativity, turning a potential enemy into a friend.

Today, the only means of national security, of national invincibility, is to be a nation without enemies. Every military strategist will tell you that there is no conventional defense anymore against modern destructive technologies: weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, long-range push-button electronic missile technologies, or terrorism. There is no conventional defense against these offensive technologies. The only effective defense is to prevent the birth of an enemy. And this can now be easily achieved, in a scientific way, by targeting and neutralizing the enmity in a potential adversary so that no enemies arise.

This is strategic defense. In the past, nations would align their soldiers on the border in the hope of preventing attack. Today any nation can simply lob a bomb over the border—and there is no defense against such electronic weaponry. The whole principle of defense based on offense has never really worked. It is completely obsolete today—and everyone knows this.

Peace through war is an increasingly suspect road to peace these days. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the premise that war creates peace. Indeed, right now, the intelligence communities in the United States are deeply divided about this issue. The Bush administration began its war on terror some years ago and started to attack Afghanistan, and subsequently Iraq, in the hope of eliminating its enemies. But there is absolutely no evidence today that the number of terrorists has been reduced through this war on terror. Indeed, if anything, it seems that the number of would-be terrorists willing to attack the United States has increased. And therefore, the United States, like every other nation, remains insecure today. The world is in an extreme state of vulnerability when even the mightiest nations are cowering over the next inevitable terrorist attack.

Finally, every military commander has always been profoundly distressed by the need to send the youth of the country—the pride of the nation—onto the battlefield and into war. If the youth of the country are asked to die for their country, then for whom, ultimately, does that country exist? For whom, when the youth are sacrificing their lives for the sake of the country, and when those who survive the battlefield are asked to claim the lives of others? This is a terrible historic situation, a “kill or be killed” technology of defense that has never worked.

So what Maharishi has brought to the world, through his revitalization of this technology of the unified field and through intense scientific scrutiny of its deep principles, is really a technology of invincibility at a time when the world has become extremely vulnerable. Now it is possible, through this most advanced technology of defense—the Invincible Defense Technology—to prevent war on a scientific basis, and to safeguard the youth of the country who, if they simply utilize this technology, will never have to face the devastation of war. This technology can literally prevent the birth of an enemy, and can create a family of nations that are harmonious and peaceful, each nation invincibly strong within itself.

Let me summarize now with a few practical points of implementation for this extremely simple and cost-effective technology.

First, any military charged with the constitutional responsibility to defend the country can now succeed in this mission simply by creating a prevention wing of the military—a coherence-creating group of Yogic Flyers equaling or exceeding the square root of 1% of the population of the country. Even for a large country like the United States, only 2,000 such individuals would be necessary—less than 1% of all military personnel. Ninety-nine percent of the military can continue to do exactly what they already do and can continue to receive exactly the same training that they conventionally receive. Only 1% need be trained in these additional technologies for invincibility—the science and technology of consciousness, the technology of the unified field. And yet that small group, that prevention wing of the military, can prevent war on a scientific basis and produce such indomitable coherence and invincibility that none of the other soldiers will ever have to face the devastation of war.

There is no risk involved in the application of this technology, because the entire military can continue to do what it has already been doing. Only a small elite group within the military needs to be trained in these very simple but powerful technologies—which not only produce invincibility for the country but also powerfully improve and benefit the lives of the soldiers themselves, developing their full brain potential, robust health, dynamism, imperviousness to the stress of the battlefield, and so forth.

Application of this technology is extremely easy and costs virtually nothing, because no expensive equipment or machinery or weaponry is needed at all—just the machinery of the human nervous system, which is truly the most sophisticated and refined machinery in the universe, and which can be trained and put immediately to this purpose of accessing and harnessing the almost limitless power of the unified field.

The fact that such a small group of soldiers—only a few thousand for large countries, and only a few hundred for smaller countries—can achieve national invincibility, whereas previous millions of soldiers could not, is simply a testimony to the power of this technology of the unified field, which operates at a level of nature’s functioning millions of times more powerful even than the nuclear level.

Even from within military academies, an invincible country can be achieved, because there are already enough cadets in training to easily exceed the square root of 1% requirement for the country. Even as part of their military training, those trainees could already be creating indomitable strength and invincibility for the nation through this technology of the unified field. That is how easy it is to apply. And indeed, education is a natural area in which to implement the technology of the unified field, because education should develop the full brain potential—the total potential of mind, body, and behavior—maximum health, dynamism, success, effectiveness, and creativity. All these results are achieved through the introduction of these technologies of consciousness that Maharishi has revived for the world—and as a side benefit, the invincibility of the nation is secured.

Again, I want to emphasize that just a small percent of the military is needed. There is no risk to the military—nothing to lose and everything to gain. And by “everything to gain,” I mean not only national security and invincibility—which is, of course, the foremost goal—but as a side benefit of that, an economic boom, improvement of health in the country, and improvement of educational standards in the country. Everything will be simultaneously enriched by this holistically life-supporting, life-benefiting technology. For example, when the national mood is bolstered and buoyed by growing positivity and coherence, then consumer confidence is higher, inflation is lower, unemployment goes down, investments go up, and the markets boom. And it is easy to show scientifically—and has been shown again and again—that enormous economic good fortune comes to any country that implements this technology for invincible defense.

So I will summarize by saying again that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by implementing this technology immediately. It is enormously effective and cost-effective. The results are immediate. And there is no time to be lost. Every nation should desire to become invincible—and now any nation can be literally invincible. All that is necessary is to provide the proper training for a group of military personnel—or indeed, any large group within the country.

And for this, I invite you to contact us at the website You can contact me directly at the email address . The International Center for Invincible Defense of the Global Country of World Peace will immediately respond and help you to organize the training of a prevention wing of the military—a coherence-creating group to bless the country with invincibility.

So I advise you to act immediately. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make hay while the sun shines. We do not know how long this offer will be made so freely available.

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