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Invincible America Assembly Creates Economic Surge

The Invincible America Assembly
S and P
S&P index rises to all-time high during the first year of the Assembly

The results are in from the first 500 days of the Invincible America Assembly in Iowa—the first-ever scientific demonstration project to document the long-term positive effects of large group meditations on national trends. Media coverage of these research findings, including very positive reports by Reuters and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has already expanded into hundreds of newspapers and journals around the world.

According to Dr. Hagelin, the project’s scientific director, this ongoing research confirms that the Invincible America Assembly has produced a truly unprecedented positive transformation in U.S. economic and social trends:

  • After a two-year surge, violent crime is down suddenly in many large U.S. cities,1 led by New York City, which is on track to have the fewest murders in 2007 in more than 40 years.2
  • After decades of unremitting escalation, nuclear tensions between the U.S. and North Korea are ending swiftly and peacefully3; violence is down 60% in Iraq over the past six months4; peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians were held with the participation of many key Arab nations for the first time5; and the heated rhetoric between the U.S. and Iran, which threatened only months ago to erupt into regional, if not global, conflict, has calmed dramatically.6 (These unexpected developments build upon previous good news from the Middle East during the Assembly, including the U.S.-brokered peace deal last year, which brought an immediate and lasting end to the bloody violence between Israel and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon that also threatened to engulf the region.7)
  • Wall Street is on track for its second most profitable year in history, despite disturbances caused by much-needed restructuring in financial debt markets.8 Just as impressive, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up more than 9 percent for the year and a remarkable 25 percent since the beginning of the Assembly, while the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) index has risen by 21 percent during the same period.
  • Despite dire predictions of a highly active and destructive hurricane season, the U.S. was not hit by any major storm for the second straight year.9

“It is possible that any one or two of these positive trends, unforeseen by experts even six months ago, could have occurred on their own. But the fact that all this good news is coming now—exactly as we predicted 500 days ago—is well beyond chance. It is the direct result of the coherence created by the Invincible America Assembly,” Dr. Hagelin said.

As rigorous statistical analysis has shown, these highly significant changes began with the launch of the Assembly on July 23, 2006, when more than 1,200 practitioners of the TM and TM-Sidhi program first gathered at Maharishi International University in Iowa to create coherent national consciousness. The size of the group quickly rose to its current level of 1,700—sufficient to produce a powerful influence of coherence and positivity in the nation, as the research has confirmed. Within the next six months, the Institute expects to report an even more significant shift in U.S. social trends as the number of Assembly participants rises from its current level of 1,700 to our target of 2,500—enough, according to research, to produce a phase transition to a permanently peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious society. This larger group will ensure that remaining problems in the country are quickly resolved and will permanently establish the nation on a high level of invincibility.

A comprehensive study, including a 26-point “Invincibility Index,” is now under way to document the ongoing improvements in economic, social, health, environmental, and governmental trends generated by the Invincible America Assembly. In addition, similar Invincibility Assemblies are now being established in both large and small nations to form a “ring of invincibility” around the world, thereby preventing problems and promoting permanent peace and invincibility in every nation.

Dr. Hagelin and his Institute staff and media team continue to work every day to promote the Invincible America Assembly and build its numbers. For more information about the Assembly, please visit For local job opportunities, please see  

Vedic Pandit Extension Campus. More than 500 Vedic Pandits from India — experts in the TM and TM-Sidhi programs and in many other specialized Vedic technologies to create peace — have  arrived in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City over the past year to contribute their powerful coherence to the Invincible America Assembly. An extension campus in Maharishi Vedic City, currently home to about 400 Vedic Pandits, is now rapidly expanding to provide housing for a total of 1,050, with the new arrivals expected during the next few months. This increase will help to quickly boost Invincible America Assembly numbers to 2,500 and beyond, thereby securing permanent peace and invincibility for the nation. Dr. Hagelin is closely involved in the fundraising and organization necessary to complete the extension campus for these very special guests.


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