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Compliments to Military Service
By Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Military's Unshakeable Determination

Pic of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

If there is in society a section that is characterized by maximum purposefulness and onepointedness, it is the military. There is even the readiness to die to serve the nation. The laudable aim of all military training is to develop dynamic, highly alert, and disciplined soldiers so that the defense forces are invincible and the nation enjoys safety.

The best generals and masters of really good military science know that military action, in the form of war, is action of the last resort. There is a whole sequence of actions beforehand to avoid war. The best military men resort to war only when persuasive methods and friendly suggestions fail to stop a non-friend from appearing at the nation's frontiers.

The Protector of Survival and Progress

The military is the protector of the progressive elements and values of the nation. It is the section of society which is completely dedicated to safeguarding the survival and safety of the nation, ensuring that nothing happens to damage the nation's security. If something harmful does happen, then the military's job is to immediately neutralize it.

The military's functions are therefore, firstly to prevent the enemy from appearing, and secondly, to quickly smash him if he does appear.

Pure Consciousness—A Direct Military Concern

Pure consciousness, that quiet state of awareness, is a very beautiful phrase which concerns the military directly, because in it all divergent values are harmonized and unified.

Harmonizing and unifying divergent values is exactly what a wise general knows, from his own experience, to be the purpose of his function. Wars occur because of lack of perspective and lack of adequately powerful thinking on the part of military men.

The quiet state of awareness is the unbounded state which takes in everything. It goes beyond thinking to the source of thought and therefore instantly and spontaneously comprehends everything that is needed to fulfil any desire. To function from that level of unbounded awareness is to enliven infinite comprehension and to make it of practical value in daily life. Comprehension becomes the broadest possible—it becomes infinite.

Broad Comprehension—A Wise General's Secret Weapon

Broad comprehension—that is exactly the need of a general. He is never on the battlefield. He sits somewhere from where he can have all the necessary information about his own side as well as about the enemy.

The general has to have a quiet corner and a comprehensive, quiet state of awareness. The effectiveness of his order depends on his comprehension and accurate evaluation of all the elements before him. The evaluation takes place within him, in his awareness. If his awareness is narrow and foggy, his evaluation will be wrong, and he will lose the battle.

If he feels that he has been given some wrong information, he sends his spies to check it, but usually he does not have enough time to wait for their answers. He goes by those elements about which he feels confident and certain within himself. He must therefore have talented intuition because quick response is essential. A general never has time to wait.

When a war occurs, both sides lose. The victor may be proud for having won the war, but soon he realizes that he won by a stroke of luck and that the victory has left him exhausted and weak.

The 'Magic' Formula for a Truly Effective Defense

My Vedic Science and Technology of Defense offers that magic formula by using which the military can achieve an impregnable defense. Since the first concern of all wise military strategists is to prevent any situation from deteriorating to the level of war, the offer brought by my Vedic Science and Technology of Defense will be welcomed by everyone.

I am using the word 'magic' out of enthusiasm, because for the military nothing is magic. Indeed, there is nothing magical about my Vedic Science and Technology of Defense either! It contains very straightforward, down-to-earth, and practical knowledge to make the military undefeatable and the nation invincible.

When the military has eliminated the situation that requires war, it will always be invincible because there will not be any enemies. My Vedic Science and Technology of Defense offers that highest level of Creative Intelligence which will make the military most successful in the practice of its profession.

It is the weakness and lack of coherent thinking in the civilian sector of a nation which produces the situation where military action and war become necessary. Lack of intelligence, sharpness, quick decisions, and discipline gives rise to misinterpretations, muddles, confusion, and wrong relationships, which eventually become the causes of war.

By using the knowledge offered by Vedic Science and Technology of Defense, which includes the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, in military life, the military can prevent the intelligence of civilians in the nation from becoming weak.

The military can therefore not only take its own professionalism to the highest level, it can also remove weakness from the entire population, and make the nation invincible.

The Basis of Military Action—A New Kind of Exercise in the Scientific Age

This lack of power—to make friends with enemies, to communicate friendliness to the enemy—will be overcome by the military, with the help of my Vedic Science and Technology of Defense.

I am hitting at the basis of military action. I am not concerned with the details on the surface, such as getting more of this weapon and more of the other. It is not the weapons that will save the country, it is the coherence of its national consciousness, and the unbounded awareness of its military men.

Military is that section of society which is concerned with action. That means: dynamic action performed at blinding speed with uncanny accuracy.

As everyone knows, action comes from thought and thought comes from silence. So, why should we not act from the first level of action? Why should we not act from silence? Fight the war from silence!

How can this be done? By using the Transcendental Meditation® Programme, which is the practical aspect of my Vedic Science and Technology of Defense. All that we need to do is to add a new kind of drill—20 minutes morning and evening—to military life and to all military training programs.

This will produce that influence of coherence and harmony in the nation which will keep all its cultural values fully alert and enlivened. The quality of national consciousness will be so very coherent, so wide awake and infused with unbounded awareness, that the nation will radiate love, affluence, and friendliness. It will radiate no destructive influences at all. Therefore, no enemies will be created. The chance of conflict escalating (Note 1) to the breaking point will never arise. The nation's high level of consciousness will disallow the birth of an enemy.

None of the existing principles of military training will be lost. The practice of Transcendental Meditation will only mean about 40 minutes a day of additional rest. It will only mean that some time is spent on a new kind of exercise. Other existing training exercises will not suffer if each is practiced a few minutes less each day, to make time available for Transcendental Meditation.

As a result, the military will be able to offer a tremendous gift to the nation—perpetual security and freedom of life.

The Supreme Technology of Defense—Fight the War from Silence

Fight the war from silence! This is the supreme technology of defense. It is an ultra-modern technology provided by my Vedic Science and Technology of Defense. We will make the nation so powerful that it will not have to resort to an action as gross as war. On a very subtle level of action, at the source of all action, the total potential of the organizing power of Natural Law is eternally lively. It is from this level of dynamic silence that we can stop the birth of an enemy. It is wise to act from this level where action will be supported by the invincible power of Natural Law.

This is the military of the Age of Enlightenment—so very powerful that it does not give the enemy a chance to be born.

My Vedic Science and Technology of Defense offers this timely gift of knowledge for the perpetual safety of every nation.

If you ask any Minister of Defense whether he thinks he can really defend a nation, if he is sincere, he can only say that he can save the nation from 'mosquitoes' but not if a 'tiger' pounces.

In this age of electronic and nuclear warfare, when destruction occurs at the touch of a button and people no longer fight on the battlefields, can any government save its people from disaster? Weapons may harm others but will they succeed in preventing destruction from the enemy's bombs, many of which will certainly penetrate the defense screen? Verbal pacts and even solemn treaties are no use. Friendship today could turn to invasion tomorrow. History is full of such instances. Great headlines and exhibitions on the streets may celebrate friendship treaties—but even the leaders do not know what intentions lie behind political treaties.

The logic promoted by the arms-producing nations—that if one has the ability to destroy, the enemy will not arise—is self-defeating. The enemy can always amass greater destructive capability and the arms race will only lead to life in perpetual fear. This concept of defense is fragile.

In order to make the principle of amassing power meaningful, the military must raise its power to the absolute level of power, the absolute power of invincibility, where no enemy can be born.

The military has to avert the enemy from the absolute level of total power, which will avert the danger before it arises.

The concept of supreme power is the Vedic concept of defense:

heyam duhkham anagatam--Avert the danger that has not yet come

That means possess the supreme power of prevention; that means possess the power to prevent an enemy from arising.

This level of invincibility is a level of life that is beyond reproach; it is the transcendental level of Being; it is the level of pure singularity—the eternal field of life devoid of duality; it is the field of the total potential of Natural Law,

Parame vyoman,the field of the Transcendent,

Yasmin Deva adhi vishwe nisheduh,

which is the home of all the administrators of the universe—that level of self-referral consciousness from where all the Laws of Nature administer the universe.

Performance from this level is the performance of the total potential of Natural Law-

Yatinam Brahma bhavati sarathih

The teaching (Note 2) is to perform action from the field of self-referral consciousness, where the total potential of Natural Law is spontaneously available.

This level of consciousness is the absolute armor which provides safety and security against the enemy. Every military power in the world deserves to be based on this level of safety and security.

This supreme level of perfection is now available to the military of every country through my Absolute Theory of Defense, by training even a small portion of the military in the blissful exercise of Yogic Flying, which is the performance from the close proximity of Transcendental Consciousness. It has proved to be a very powerful means of prevention against negative values in society. It is the most graceful, powerful, dignified level of performance, which motivates the total power of Natural Law in favor of the performer.

Any military can function from this skill of performance. This is defense according to Dhanur-Veda (Note 3) on the ground of Sthapatya Veda (Note 4).

Time to End Obsolete Methods

Any government that continues to rely on military for defense, without creating a PREVENTION WING for the military, is living in a 'fool's paradise'! Such a nation will continue in waves of fear, and in weakness it will always have to depend on the goodwill of other nations. It will have no joy of freedom, or sovereignty, or survival, or peace. Any nation that is not invincible, not only lacks the dignity and authority of a sovereign nation, but, in its weakness, suffers from dependence and becomes a problem for other nations.

I do not want to demoralize any nation by criticizing its defense policies, nor do I want to dismiss all military training as being out of date, but the ability to prevent war and prevent the birth of an enemy must be understood to be the most vital requirement for successful defense of any nation.

The Age of Enlightenment means a time when one can see what is what. It is not the age of ignorance, when the only technology of defense was through warfare. Death for the sake of life! What an unwise principle.

Face the Facts—Stop the Birth of an Enemy

You may think that my words are very strong—but this is the situation. We must clearly face the facts. The only sensible defense strategy today is to be so powerful that one has the natural ability to spontaneously stop the birth of an enemy.

Stopping war is possible only if we can stop the basis of war. It has been found in hundreds of cities in all parts of the world that when one per cent of the city's population practices the Transcendental Meditation Programme, sharp drops occur in the city's rates of crime and illness, and in other negative trends. This is a statistically verified fact, not a hope.

The basis of military life is perfect health, highly alert intellect, broad comprehension, and instantaneous response. All these values arise spontaneously (Note 5) from regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation Programme.

In addition, it is a joy to say that invincibility to the nation is a by-product of this approach.

Invincibility occurs because of the one per cent effect (Note 6). National life become so coherent because of growing perfect health among individuals, and the nation attains such strong cultural integrity that it becomes impenetrable to harmful outside influences—it becomes invincible.

Entertaining Silence for Invincible Defense

By profession, the military has a duty to equip itself with all possible systems of defense available. It should use both procedures—the dynamic approach to defense and the silent approach to defense.

The dynamic approach is through weaponry, and the silent (Note 7) approach is through prevention. Prevention is best achieved by creating the 'Field Effect', the Maharishi Effect, from the self-referral level of consciousness, the transcendental level of consciousness.

Defense will be perfect when both these approaches are combined. The combination of these two approaches of defense is the subject matter of my Vedic Science and Technology of Defense.

This Vedic Defense Strategy places the individual on the lively ground of invincibility, and initiates dynamism of defense from this level of absolute power and intelligence lively within the awareness of the individual.

This element of invincibility in the individual is lacking in the military command today, and that is why this whole structure of defense is fragile—it is not invincible, it is not reliable, it is solely dependent on outside resources.

Defense that is dependent on anything outside is ineffective and weak; in time of need it may not be there.

Stopping the enemy at its source—at birth—is the best technology of defense. If he is born, he will grow and become a nuisance later.

This should be the year when the defense departments of every country include my Vedic Science and Technology of Defense—the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme—on all levels of national life and in all training (Note 8) programmes.

How and Why the Enemy is Born

How is the enemy born? The answer is very simple and can be summarized in a well-known phrase: 'As you sow, so shall you reap.'

If we have friends, it is because we have extended friendliness to them. If we have enemies, it is because we have reflected negativity onto them and it is now coming back to us. If you sow apple, you reap apple. If you sow orange, you reap orange.

A stressed man will always create, in his own mind, doubts about others. Because of stress, his comprehension is narrow, so he loses contact with the elements outside his perception and comes to a wrong decision. The more the stresses the worse the situation and the more the number of enemies that will be created.

If there are problems, examine (Note 9) your own situation, closely analyse your thoughts and actions, and make sure you are not violating Natural Law.

Life is a delicate balance in view of Natural Law; do not do anything which you know to be wrong according to your Dharma (performance according to Natural Law).

Through Transcendental Meditation stresses disappear and only those values blossom which increase cordiality, love, and friendship. A happy awareness dawns, which can only have positive thoughts and results.

The Invincible Force of Nature

The only effective defense is prevention; that means disallow the birth of an enemy; that means we must learn how to be friends with Nature, because Natural Law is the only invincible force. The nation can be invincible only when national life is behaving in accordance with all the Laws of Nature. That is possible only when the consciousness of the people is trained to spontaneously think and act according to Natural Law. The practical technology for achieving this is Transcendental Meditation practiced by the people.

I am offering this new technology because it is the only simple, effective procedure for life to progress in the evolutionary direction of Natural Law.

The means of destruction available today are too many for us to take any risks. The introduction of Transcendental Meditation in all fields of national life will create coherence in national consciousness, and creating a PREVENTION WING in the military will create an invincible armor for the nation and will give the defense department the ability to fulfil its goals.

One to (Note 10) five per cent of the military, trained in the technology of consciousness—my Vedic (Note 11) Technology of Defense—will be enough to make defense perfect, which means no enemy will be born to the nation.

My formula for prevention in the field of defence concerns itself only with the domain of consciousness; it is completely impartial; it offers the military in every nation the chance to rise to invincibility.

Victory Before War: A Practical Strategy of Military Action

My offer is a very practical one. At almost no cost the military of any nation can become forever victorious and can make its nation invincible. Now, perpetual safety and progress can be easily structured.

My programme also enables the military to fulfil its national duty of ensuring that coherence within the nation does not decrease. As a result, victory will be maintained before war, without any effort at all.

My Vedic Strategy of Defense, based on the invincible power of Nature in the field of self-referral consciousness, is a joyful offer in a spirit of warmth and friendliness to the military of every nation to rise to the challenge of the time.

I invite the government and military of every country to take up this offer, bless their nation with invincibility, and create a world of invincible, sovereign nations.

Invincibility to every nation from every other nation in the world—a beautiful concept of balance of power belonging to every nation.

End Notes

Note 1: Very few people know how the arms-producing countries quietly create and prolong conflicts and wars. From one house in Lebanon gunshots were fired on both sides in the darkness of the night. Both sides got excited and took up arms against each other in the morning.

This is how war continued for many years in Lebanon.

Only God knows how life on earth is constantly hit by such cruelty.  Back to text.

Note 2: Arjuna, in Bhagavad-Gita, was raised to this level of consciousness and then he was put to fight.

Traigunya-vishaya veda nistrai-gunyo bhavarjuna...  
Back to text

Note 3: Vedic Technology of Warfare.  Back to text.

Note 4: Vedic Technology of Creating and Establishing from the level of Cosmic Intelligence, so that everything in space and time is in tune with Cosmic Law, which maintains the interconnectedness of every part of the universe with the whole universe.  Back to text.

Note 5: Refer to "Scientific Research on the Transcendental Meditation, the TM-Sidhi Program, and Yogic Flying with Reference to Defense.  Back to text.

Note 6: The Maharishi Effect, Back to text.

Note 7: This technology of silence, this technology of self-referral consciousness for invincible defense and for victory, is recorded in all the ancient records of the technology of warfare—the technology of defense.  Back to text.

Note 8: Refer to my Absolute Theory of Education. Back to text.

Note 9:If you find you are all right but the other one is causing problems, then consult Maharishi Jyotish to rectify the negative influence of stars, according to your horoscope, and also see if the entrance of your home is in the southerly direction, because according to Sthapatya Veda the south entrance of a home or village is inauspicious.

It is necessary to mention here that the Absolute Theory of Defense draws its breath from the total knowledge of Natural Law in the Veda and Vedic Literature. Therefore, the principles and practical value of each one of the areas of the Vedic Literature should be studied. The knowledge of all the twenty-seven areas of the Vedic Literature; Ayur-Veda, Sthapatya Veda, Gandharva Veda, Jyotish, etc.—offers prevention of disease and promotion of health, and develops spontaneous action according to Natural Law—mastery of Natural Law—and achieves the supreme purpose of defense even on the individual level. It is good to mention one small principle of Sthapatya Veda (Vedic Architecture) which requires that every building should have an easterly entrance as a first priority, and a northern entrance as a second priority. South entrances should be closed, because a south entrance is known to be inauspicious, whether of a home, a village, or a city.  Back to text.

Note 10: Depending on the population of the country.  Back to text.

Note 11: Yogic Flying.  Back to text.

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The preceding chapter was taken from the book Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defence by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Printed & Published by Age of Enlightenment Publications (Printers) INDIA, pp. 55-76). ©1996 by Maharishi Vedic University. All rights reserved. 

Available from Maharishi International University Press.

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