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Video Library

Below are streaming video presentations by Dr. John Hagelin, links to media news stories, and short news documentaries.

Presentations by Dr. John Hagelin

“Meditation: New Help for Stressed-Out Kids”—benefits for ADHD, academic achievement, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse
May 2009
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Quiet Time in the Classroom:
National Summit on Student Health and Education

October 16, 2008, New York City
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International press conferences at the Global Financial Capital of New York
April-August 2007
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“A New Science of Peace: The Effects of Group Meditation on Crime, Terrorism, and International Conflict” at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) conference on February 18, 2007
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Read Dr. Hagelin’s article in SHIFT magazine: “The Power of the Collective”
Listen to Dr. Hagelin’s interview on “Intention, Consciousness, and Meditation”

The Invincible Defense Technology—a new, proven technology of defense to achieve national security and world peace (International Center for Invincible Defense, April 14, 2007)—
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Keynote address at the Global Union of Scientists for Peace inaugural conference
New Delhi, India January 21, 2006
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“Creating Peace” from the Miami “Prophets Conference” series
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“Consciousness, Creativity, and the Brain” at the University of Washington, Seattle (Speakers: David Lynch, Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. Fred Travis)
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“Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain” at the Majestic Theater in Boston (Speakers: David Lynch, Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. Fred Travis)
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Media Clips and Short Documentaries

NBC’s Today Show coverage of Consciousness-Based Education in a Detroit public charter school.
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CBS Sunday Morning; TM in Education (6 minutes—excerpts)
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“TM in a Connecticut High School: A Short Documentary”
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PBS news show “To the Contrary”: Transcendental Meditation & ADHD
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ABC WJLA News; ADHD and TM (3 minutes)
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Interviews: ADHD Students — Before and After Learning TM (4 minutes)
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