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Institute Helps Launch University of World Peace

Artist’s rendering of the University of Peace, with branch campuses planned worldwide.

Institute Director Dr. John Hagelin recently announced a bold new initiative by Peace Government founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to train 8,000 students as peace-creating experts at a new University of World Peace, to be established in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa.

”The University of World Peace will be a new, flagship university dedicated to the prevention of war and promotion of peace,” Dr. Hagelin said. “It will counterbalance the global proliferation of military academies and graduate war colleges dedicated to advancing the science of war. The University of World Peace will create a new profession in the world: that of professional peacemaker. These peacemakers will be equipped with powerful technologies of consciousness shown to effectively prevent war by defusing acute social stress—including the ethnic, religious and political tensions that fuel violence and conflict.”

The new University will join forces with Maharishi University of Management in neighboring Fairfield, Iowathe world’s premier Consciousness-Based Educational institution, where students develop their full mental potential and create lasting world peace while they receive the highest-quality academic and professional education. (See

Dr. Hagelin invited all wealthy peace-loving people to sponsor one or more students in this new peace-creating profession (to contribute, click here). He also encouraged all parents to send their college-age children to these Consciousness-Based educational institutions.

Exploring the Fundamentals of Peace
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For many years, Dr. Hagelin has been researching the most up-to-date scientific knowledge of how to access the Unified Field—the fundamental, universal field of peace that lies deep within the consciousness of everyone—in order to generate a global influence of harmony and coherence through collective meditation and other peace-creating technologies (see chart). This research has led to the current major international peace initiative to establish a University of Peace.

As part of this educational initiative, Dr. Hagelin and the US Peace Government are now organizing groups of thousands of people to practice the University’s proven peace technologies together in order to diffuse the acute ethnic, religious, and political tensions that fuel terrorism and war—and thereby to generate a powerful, physical influence of peace in the world. The influence of these rapidly expanding groups underlies and supports the recent global upsurge of peace activism and the resistance to war by governments worldwide.