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Global Invincibility Tour Promotes
Permanent Peace in Every Nation

David Lynch meets with Israel president Shimon Peres
Nicolas Sarkozy
David Lynch and French president Nicolas Sarkozy
David addresses hundreds in Dublin
Donovan performs to a packed house in Dublin

Institute director Dr. John Hagelin, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker David Lynch, and University president Dr. Bevan Morris recently completed a seven-week European tour of 26 cities in 14 countries to establish Invincible Universities—sister universities to Maharishi International University—and to promote Consciousness-Based education and the establishment of large peace-creating groups in every nation.

In every country, the team first held a flag-raising ceremony and resolution signing for the Invincible University and then a public lecture and a press conference to describe the university’s Consciousness-Based curriculum and its impact on education and peace.

“The response to our tour was simply extraordinary,” Dr. Hagelin said. “Everywhere we went, we were greeted by standing-room-only crowds of hundreds or thousands of people—mostly student age—who were so thirsty for this knowledge of Transcendental Meditation and Consciousness-Based education. Everywhere, our press conferences were packed wall to wall with the top newspaper and television crews of the country. Everywhere, students and reporters alike asked profound, penetrating, heartfelt, respectful questions that drew from Dr. Lynch and all of us an outpouring of the deepest, most comprehensive knowledge. I simply have never seen such openness and receptivity before to all of our knowledge and programs. The world is changing, and a new time is upon us.”

In early October, David met with Israel president Shimon Peres in Jerusalem and secured his support for a large peace-creating group in Israel, to be composed of 500 Palestinians and Israelis who will practice the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program together. According to research, this group should be large enough to create a measurable influence of peace in the region. Mr. Peres also offered the help of the Peres Center of Peace to create this group, since the Center maintains many activities that bring Palestinians and Israelis together.

Just a few days earlier, David had also met with France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy to receive France’s highest civilian honor — Officer of the French Legion of Honor — and to discuss film, creativity, consciousness, and peace.

On the basis of these inspiring successes, and with the support of University founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr. Hagelin and Dr. Morris joined forces with Dr. Lynch to bring this world-transforming knowledge to all the nations in the region.

The global tour began in Ireland, England, and Scotland, where David and acclaimed singer-songwriter Donovan Leitch were already appearing at sold-out venues in Dublin, Belfast, London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. The tour then continued to Denmark, Holland, Finland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Portugal, and France.

According to Dr. Hagelin, the program of study at all Invincible Universities will include the traditional academic disciplines, with a few minutes added to each class to identify the source of the discipline in the Unified Field, as discovered in the most advanced findings of modern science. Students will utilize the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program to gain direct subjective experience of the Unified Field.

“Extensive scientific research shows that this experience of the Unified Field leads to the development of total brain functioning, increased intelligence and creativity, better behavior, and a marked improvement in the trends of life in society as a whole—ultimately creating a state of national invincibility where no negativity or conflicts can arise within the nation nor penetrate it from outside,” Dr. Hagelin said.

In addition to addressing thousands of students and reaching millions of European citizens through appearances on national television, the team met directly with top governmental leaders, including the president of Croatia, the head of parliament in Bulgaria, and the federal chancellor of Austria. In Bulgaria, Dr. Lynch was also awarded an honorary doctoral degree from the nation’s premier film school.

Dr. Jaan Suurküla, the national leader of Estonia, summarized the public response to the tour very clearly. “Everything has absolutely opened up in a miraculous way,” he said. “We are so grateful we can’t express it in words.”