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Dr. Hagelin Launches “Campaign to Rebuild America in Harmony with Natural Law”


Dr. John Hagelin


Vedic home Fairfield, IA


Proposed “Tower II” Vedic office building Rockland, MD


Proposed Mandala Club Vedic residential community
Vero Beach, FL

Institute director Dr. John Hagelin has launched a nationwide “Campaign to Rebuild America in Harmony with Natural Law” to prevent crime and violence and promote health, peace, and prosperity in the nation. Dr. Hagelin launched the campaign during a news conference and Fourth of July address to the national conference of the US Peace Government, held on July 1–4 at American University in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Hagelin called on top architects, developers, and planners in every city to fulfill the aspirations of America’s founders of 229 years ago by rebuilding all residential housing, commercial offices, and government buildings—as well as cities and towns—according to Vedic architecture in harmony with Natural Law.

“Vedic architecture utilizes the ancient and time-tested knowledge of orientation, placement, and proportion to create healthy, stress-free, life-supporting buildings and communities,” Dr. Hagelin said. “This approach has recently been restored to its completeness from the ancient science of Sthapatya Veda by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Peace Governments around the world.”

According to new published research—and a track record that dates back thousands of years—such nontoxic, eco-friendly, properly oriented buildings can effectively prevent sickness and crime and promote orderly thinking, success, and peace for the occupants of the building. One city in the United States—Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa—has already been constructed according to Vedic architecture under the leadership of The Honorable Mayor Dr. Robert G. Wynne (see

Dr. Hagelin has already launched a campaign to construct in the United States 2400 Peace Palaces built according to Vedic architecture (for sample photographs, click here). Each Peace Palace will provide the whole population with the knowledge and programs in education, health, agriculture, and architecture to promote life in harmony with Natural Law. Builders who wish to participate in this national construction project should contact, telephone: 213-988-0729, or fax: 806-398-2215.