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Dr. Hagelin Establishes Global Union of Scientists for Peace

In recent months, Institute director Dr. John Hagelin has been contacting top scientists around the world, urging them to take a leadership role in the newly established Global Union of Scientists for Peace (see Dr. Hagelin founded GUSP in July 2005 to stop the threat of nuclear proliferation and nuclear war through the establishment of large, peace-creating groups in every country. Since then, he has secured commitments from world-renowned scientists in many nations to serve as the national presidents of GUSP in their countries. These scientists in many cases hold key positions of governmental authority, including presidents of national academies of science.

Accompanying Dr. Hagelin’s letter of invitation to these scientists is a powerful brochure entitled “Nuclear Alert” that describes the current threat and the proven technology to counteract it. The brochure summarizes the long-standing efforts of scientists around the world to prevent nuclear catastrophe, clearly describes our proven peace-creating technology, and presents the clear choice facing scientists today.

“For 50 years, scientists have been promoting peace, disarmament, and non-violent conflict resolution, but these efforts, while laudable, have not achieved the goal,” Dr. Hagelin said. “Scientists have not possessed an effective technology of peace, and therefore they have been forced to advocate nuclear restraint—a position that has been overwhelmed by politicians’ perceived need for a strong nuclear deterrent.

“Now a new technology of defense has been developed that can neutralize aggression and prevent war on a scientific basis—thereby rendering offensive weapons irrelevant and obsolete. We have established the Global Union of Scientists for Peace to expedite the rapid implementation of this technology.”

On January 21st, the first international conference of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace brought together GUSP presidents from India, Mexico, El Salvador, Moldova, Montenegro, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda. Addressing the international conference at the Maurya Sheraton Towers in New Delhi, Dr. Hagelin presented the cutting-edge scientific principles underlying the US Peace Government’s proven approach to peace: the discovery of the unified field, its identification with the field of pure consciousness, the profound impact of the Transcendental Meditation technique on brain development, and how large groups of peace-creating experts can create world peace. The GUSP national presidents responded very enthusiastically and are eager to promote these initiatives in their own countries. (View Dr. Hagelin’s presentation at the conference.)

 “Scientists today can equip themselves with a powerful, proven approach to peace and national security—and play a decisive role in the leadership of their nations,” Dr. Hagelin said. “It is no longer necessary to leave the fate of the world in the hands of ignorant politicians with destructive agendas. We can now render such aggressive tendencies utterly impotent by creating an overwhelming physical influence of peace in every nation and around the world—thereby achieving national security and invincibility and creating lasting global peace.”

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