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Unified Field-Based Defense
By Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Pic of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

THE IDEAL OF DEFENSE is invincibility. Invincibility is a state of self-sufficiency. The ideal of self-sufficiency and invincibility is found in nature at the level where the unified field of all the laws of nature is eternally self-sufficient. That is an eternal state of invincibility, the highest level of invincibility, which cannot be touched by anyone. 

The Unified Field of all the laws of nature is a self-interacting, self-sufficient state of complete independence. It has 100 percent self-sufficiency and invincibility because it is a transcendental reality. Nothing of the relative can ever touch it. There is no compromise there. It has that royal status, which cannot be disturbed by anyone. This supreme level of invincibility is available to every individual and every nation through the Technology of the Unified Field.

With this technology every nation can raise its national integrity to such a high level of self-sufficiency and invincibility that no one from outside or from inside the nation could ever disturb it. The Technology of the Unified Field is the direct means of bringing national consciousness in attunement with the unified field of all the laws of nature. Every nation today has the chance to become self-sufficient and invincible and enjoy eternal freedom by raising its collective consciousness in perfect alliance with natural law through the Technology of the Unified Field.

No Country Is Enjoying Freedom Today

No country is enjoying freedom today. Every country rejoices on its national days, but ask any head of state, ask the people in any government or the people on the streets of any nation, "Are you really enjoying freedom?" Throughout the world there is a wave of fear-fear of annihilation, of terrorism, of conflicts and violence, of the unforeseen that could come at any time anywhere on earth. This fear of indefiniteness in every nation is not a sign of the joy of freedom. Lack of freedom, dependence, fear of life-these prevail.

Amassing of Arms Declares Fear in the Nation

This is the reason every nation inevitably has become alerted to amass the means of defense. Amassing arms or amassing anything to defend a nation only makes it clear that the nation is weak. Any country building up a bigger power that others show that is very afraid of others. Fear prevails in that country. The bigger the amassing of means of defense, the greater the declaration of fear prevailing in that nation and it government.

Means of Defense Actually the Means of Offense

It is the inner enemy of violence, fear, and weakness in the nation itself that makes it amass the means of defense. But what one amasses in the name of defense are the means of destruction, the means of offense. "Defense" is just a meaningless word. In reality, the word existing in the policies of governments is "offense." The whole human race for such a long, long time has been in the clutches of wrong thinking, wrong understanding. Only ignorance has been guiding the world. Due to that, offensive means were talked about in terms of defense.

True Defense through the Technology of the Unified Field

Now the Age of Enlightenment has dawned; it is the eleventh year of the Age of Enlightenment. The defense technology of this Age of Enlightenment is truly defensive. It is the means of raising self-sufficiency in the country. The ideal of self-sufficiency is the self-referral state of the unified field, that self-interacting organizing power of nature which functions within itself to administer the whole universe. Now it is time when every nation can rise to real independence in the state of complete self-sufficiency and invincibility through the Technology of the Unified Field.

Invincibility through Alliance with Natural Law

The Technology of the Unified Field offers the perpetual means of defense, by which real freedom can be enjoyed by all. Through alliance with natural law, there will be self-sufficiency and strength. The nation will be standing on its own feet. It is the integrated national consciousness, the internal integrity of a nation, that upholds freedom in a country and makes the country really invincible.

The Formula for Self-sufficiency and Invincibility

Natural Law is the element that can make the nation invincible. National consciousness must be in alliance with natural law, and for that a nation needs only the square root of one percent of its population trained as experts in the Technology of the Unified Field. Then the whole national consciousness will be so integrated that the nation will be self-sufficient. It will be invincible. Nothing from outside will be able to penetrate its level of self-sufficiency and invincibility. It is very fortunate that clear evidence of rising self-sufficiency and neutralizing of fear in the world is being witnessed today through the performance of the Governors of the Age of Enlightenment in this assembly. Here is a call for every government to rely on itself, not on an imaginary level but on a real level of independence, freedom, and strength, on the level of that royal state of self-sufficiency which cannot be disturbed by anyone from outside or from inside.

Invincible Defense through Freedom and Strength

Invincible defense is inherent in the field of freedom. No strong man would ever need to defend himself, because he is so strong that no one would raise a finger against him. If a nation is threatened then that nation is weak, and in its weakness is dependent on its own fear. A fear-stricken nation will always be alarmed by any little thing. Fear is imaginary. Let me speak with emphasis: Fear of the neighbor is imaginary. When on begins to fear the neighbor then one begins to lose one's own freedom. Only through alliance with natural law can a nation enjoy real freedom. Then all the tendencies of the nation will be evolutionary. When all trends of life are evolutionary there is no fear; there is increasing joy, increasing satisfaction, increasing happiness, improving economy, increasing wealth. Everything in national life will prosper. That is a real means of defense.

Preventing the Birth of an Enemy by Radiating Positivity to the Neighbor

The best means of defense is to radiate this enrichment, to radiate an influence of harmony to the neighbor. Feed the neighbor with increasing charm, harmony, and happiness. Let these beautiful, positive qualities be radiated from the national consciousness. A soothing, fresh air will always come from the borders of the country. Then all its neighbors will always love that country. The way to independence and self-reliance, the way to be completely free from fear, is to amass positive values by enlivening in national consciousness the self-sufficiency that belongs to the unified field of natural law. Radiate that unified influence to the neighboring countries, and one's own country will always be loved by all those that surround it. This is how to defend oneself.

We invite all governments to raise their nations to true self-sufficiency, the real means of defense. Naturally and spontaneously everyone will be evolutionary, enjoying more and more as time goes on and radiating that greater joy, happiness and charm to the neighboring countries. So the best means of defense is not through offensive arms but by the integrity of one's own national consciousness and through the charm, happiness, and joy of life that the people of such a country radiate. This will disallow the birth of enemy, and the need for defending will not arise. This is perfect defense.

Averting the Danger before it Arises

Defense based on destruction is a means to sacrifice the youth of the country. Defense based on the Technology of the Unified Field will bring life to the country, increasing the vitality of the nation. This is far from damaging either the people of the country itself or the people around it. This very beautiful theme of defense has developed with the knowledge and technology of the unified field in the dawning Age of Enlightenment. To perpetuate the Age of Enlightenment every nation must gain that level of self-sufficiency and invincibility where the need for defense does not arise. Every individual should achieve that spontaneity of thinking and acting in accord with natural law which will disallow any eruption of violence with his own mind and any negative thought or action. Such a life will be automatically defended.

Sovereignty and Self-sufficiency through the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field

Anyone who must defend himself is weak, and it's not good to be weak. To be really strong and really sovereign in one's own existence one needs the strength of nature, the organizing power of nature. One needs the masterly skills through which nature governs the universe without a problem. That self-sufficiency and invincibility belonging to the unified field of all the laws of nature can easily be gained by any individual and any nation through this technology. I wish that all individuals, all governments, and all nongovernmental organizations in the world rise to self-sufficiency through the use of the Technology of the Unified Field.

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Life Supported by Natural Law book jacketThe preceding address was taken from the book Life Supported By Natural Law by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1986). Washington, D.C.: Age Of Enlightenment Press, pp. 138-143. ©1986 by Maharishi International University Press. All rights reserved. Available from Maharishi International University Press.
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